A.C. Davis

A.C. Davis (2275-2368) was the first human born outside of the Solar System.

Early Life

A.C. Davis was born to Marianna and Greg Davis, two colonists dropped off by the starship Innes in 2265. His full name was Alpha Centauri Davis.

Davis spent his youth on an uncivilized alien world basking in the light of three suns. He was tutored by his mother and father and several of the scientists who made up the twenty person research team left on the planet Richaud and soon began to work beside them.

Although he was the first child born on Richaud, he would soon be followed by eight more in the subsequent years. Davis was noted for being intelligent and responsible, but began asking more and more questions about Earth and its cities. After the death of his mother in 2305, he began to grow withdrawn and depressed.


In 2312, the starship Einstein arrived in orbit of Richaud. Davis, who was 32 by this time, leaped at the chance of visiting Earth and, accompanied by his father, made the decade-long trip back to Earth. When he arrived, he was 47 and was greeted as a celebrity. After five months on Earth, Davis' father passed away. Seeing no reason to return to Alpha Centauri, he elected to remain on Earth despite the development of the faster than light engine that shortened the trip to the distant system to three years instead of ten.

Later Years

Davis continued to live on Earth for many years, publishing several books such as his autobiography, Three Stars in the Sky. In 2368 at the age of 93, Davis learned that he had terminal illness and decided to go home to Alpha Centauri since the new engines had shortened the trip to only one year. Unfortunately, Davis died en route to the Alpha Centauri system. His body was buried next to his mother and father's near the initial landing site.


Today, the burial place of A.C. Davis is a popular tourist destination on Alpha Centauri along with the Catian War Memorial and Innes Memorial.

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