Alexander Cole

Alexander Cole (2575-??) is the human Master at Arms on board the Starseeker.

Early Life

Alexander Louis Cole was born to Erica Cole on July 3, 2575. The name and location of his father is not known.

As a boy, Cole frequently fought with classmates earning him multiple suspensions and one stay in juvenile hall. At the behest of a psychologist, Cole was exposed to martial arts and soon became proficient in multiple styles. In 2590, at the age of fifteen, he competed in The Luna Mixed Martial Arts Tournament at Tranquility Base, but was disqualified during the finals for a late punch. Cole returned and won the competition in 2591, 2592, and 2593. Cole competed in the system wide tournament in 2592 where he came in first place. He returned to defend his title in 2593, but was disqualified and barred from the tournament for life for seriously and needlessly injuring another competitor.

After being barred from the tournament, Cole applied for membership into the Space Force but was rejected due to his record of violence. He was accepted into the Sol Police Force and was assigned undercover duties in the Oort Cloud where, in 2596, he was suspended without pay for assaulting a superior officer after a botched raid that resulted in the injuring of three other officers and the deaths of two of his comrades.

Cole resigned from the police force and returned to Earth with the intention of reapplying to Space Force long enough to gather the credentials to become a private detective, taking advantage of the growing conflict to get into the system despite his record. While there, Erica Cole passed away. Three months later, Cole was in the Space Force officers program fighting on the front lines.

The Catian War

Cole served on the front lines of the war, most notably on Malestair where he and his platoon managed to capture an enemy fuel depot and destroy it. For his service in this final battle, Cole was awarded the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to Space Force Academy following the end of the war.

The Academy and Titan

Cole taught hand to hand combat classes at Space Force Academy for twelve weeks before being put on suspension for inappropriate conduct with a student. He was reprimanded and sent to the security forces on Titan where he made several non-terrestrial contacts in the Xrax and Arbok communities.

Cole continued with this assignment until 2607 when he offically resigned from Space Force. However, after a meeting with Admiral Samantha Lane, Cole canceled his resignation and accepted a position on Starseeker.


Cole has, against all odds, proven himself on Starseeker despite some notes about insubordination from his superior officers. He has earned commendations for his detective work and security work on the ship.

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