Alina Branson

Alina Branson (2578-??) is the human head of Engineering on board Starseeker.

Early Life

Branson was born in the city of Galveston, Texas on the North American continent. She showed quite a bit of technological prowess and skipped two grades in school, graduating primary school in the year 2593 and completing the Engineering courses in only two years.


Immediately out of the Academy, Branson was snatched up by The Thunderhead Project and put to work on a top of the line warship bigger and more powerful than anything ever constructed. Branson's involvement in the project led to new engine configurations and new leaps in ship building. The warship Thunderhead was well on its way to being the most technologically advanced ship in the galaxy.

After the War

As The Catian War ended in 2598, the Thunderhead Project was shut down by the government as expense on the ship had spiraled out of control. Branson collaborated with two prominent scientists at the Mercury Shipyards and created the working model of a Quantum Jump Drive engine. Branson's requests that the technology be tested on a large scale were denied.


Space Force transferred Branson to the starship Conrade in late 2598 under the command of Captain Barbara Thatch. Branson became the ship's engineer and began a personal relationship with fellow engineer, Ensign Ernie Kelton.

Branson continued to appeal to the Space Force to allow her to test the Quantum Jump Drive on a large scale. In 2599 Conrade was outfitted with the engine, but an accident in engineering crippled the ship and seriously injured several crewmembers, including Kelton. Branson accepted full responsibility for the accident and was immediately removed from the ship by Captain Thatch.

A Space Force investigation cleared Branson of any wrongdoing, but letters of reprimand were placed in her file for "shortcutting" certain repairs and matainence which might have led to the accident on the ship.


Branson returned to Earth, taking a sabbatical from Space Force and going to work in a garage working on antique automobiles and flyers in Galveston. In 2606, an independent large-scale test of the Quantum Jump Drive was a success leading many to question the decision to hold the original test on Conrade which was an older ship. Branson came out of retirement to once again work on the ship she helped build, the Thunderhead - now renamed Starseeker. The first thing she did was install the Jump Drive.

Branson was named chief engineer in 2608.

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