Annabelle Valentine

Doctor Annabelle Valentine (2573-??) is the Chief Medic on board the Starseeker. Doctor Valentine is not a member of Space Force.

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Early Life

Annabelle Valentine was born in London in 2573 to Stanley and Edna Valentine, who were both doctors. In 2581, Valentine accompanied her mother and father on an interstellar fact-finding mission to catalog the physiology of several alien lifeforms. This was an independent mission not sponsored by Space Force.

In 2585, 12 year-old Valentine was on the planet Pulamar when she encountered a badly burned crash survivor. The survivor was a Kudan named Karbbonean who imprinted his vengeful emotions on Valentine against the man who had shot him down. Valentine stayed with Karbbonean until he died and, upon hearing that a nearby plant could have served as a painkiller for the dying man, she decided that she wanted to be a doctor.

In 2590, Valentine entered Cambridge University. She graduated from medical school in 2597 and quickly became the leading expert in non-terrestrial medicine despite the fact that her practice was limited to Earth.


In 2607, Valentine applied to become a doctor on board Starseeker. Her extensive background in extra-terrestrial life made her the perfect candidate.

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