Antwon Ward

Antwon Ward (2550-2608) was the commander of the starship Sutherland and father of Montoya Ward. He and his ship are currently listed as Missing in Action.

Early Life

Antwon Ward was born in Somolia and married Najya Ward in 2667. His daughter, Montoya, was born one year later.

Antwon and Najya divorced in 2669 citing personal and religious issues - Antwon was an atheist while Najya was Muslim. Najya retained custody of Montoya.

The Unnamed World

In 2588, Antwon Ward was a lieutenant on board the starship Villegas during the Catian War when a heavy fire fight forced them to seek assistance from The Unnamed Race. Ward was the first human to deduce that the Unnamed Race function with a shared consciousness.


In 2592, Antwon Ward had just been appointed Captain of the Sutherland when the starship Discovery, the ship his daughter, Montoya Ward, was serving on, was struck by a mine in the oort cloud of the Sol System. Captain Ward defied standing orders to rescue his daughter and took a year's leave to help her rehabilitate. He returned to command Sutherland in 2593.

Antwon Ward was lost and presumed killed on the Starship Sutherland with all hands after encountering Gunboat, but there is some evidence that he and his ship might have survived and been transported to another location in the galaxy.

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