Arlyis Tempus

Arlyis Tempus was the head of the Temporal Conservation Corps. in the year 3033. He is the father of Tempus.

Rescued from Time

Arlyis was born in the year 1877 in South Africa and, according to history, died during the aftermath of the Battle of Ulundi in the Anglo-Zulu War in the year 1879. In reality, the three year old Arlysis was rescued from time by the Temporal Conservation Corps. and brought to the Vanishing Point for training.

Corps Agent

By the time he was twenty-five, Arlyis became a field agent and was transferred to the year 3002 where he and his wife had a son who they named Arlen Tempus. Arlyis continued to serve through the year 3033 and beyond, eventually retiring and leaving his post to his son who had also joined the corp.

At last report, Arlyis and his wife had retired to the year 85,271 AD.

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