Battle Of Malestaire

The Battle of Malestaire, regarded as many as the battle that ended the Catian War, took place on the planet Malestaire in 2598.


With the Catians loosing ground in the war, one of the last Catian outposts in their home system was Malestaire, the system's fifth planet. Earth forces attacked military installations on Malestair in 2597 leading to a prolonged ground war that lasted almost a year.

Shuttlebus Controversy

When Catian defense forces continued to receive arms and supplies without apparent means, it was determined that the Catian military was bringing in supplies on shuttlebuses being used to allegedly evacuate children from the area. Upon recieving this information, Captain Kenneth Hiller ordered his batteries to shoot a shuttlebus down. Twenty-seven children and three adults were killed on the bus which, according to the investigation afterward, was carrying weapons and supplies in violation of accepted code of conduct during wartime.


Although the official call to surrender was not issued for two days, many Catian forces gave up as soon as the shuttlebus was shot down.

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