Bippo The Clown

Bippo the Clown is a character who appears in The Liam Smith Show and Justice Squad.


Bippo loves weapons. Lots and lots of weapons. So much so that his living space is often dangerous to go snooping around him. Although Bippo rarely hurts people (unless they really deserve it) he has an unexplained hatred of cats and will seek to eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

Bippo the Clown has a very broad sexuality. Although he has been married many, many times to famous actresses, he shows many signs of being bisexual including his fascination with actor Topher Grace who he kidnapped and held hostage in his closet for many years, having sex with him at least once on the promise that Bippo would let him go - which he didn't.

Early Years

One of the most shallow and, at the same time, complicated characters in the first two WarpedTV serials, Bippo the Clown is an enigma wrapped in a mystery and topped with a warm layer of exclamation point.

A number of different and contradictory origins for the character have been bandied about, but none of them can be considered cannon as Bippo is quite fond of lying to people about where he comes from. The strongest evidence of his origin comes from the feature length script, Nightflyer Begins, but even that is called into serious question when placed under the slightest scrutiny.

The Liam Smith Show

Bippo is first witnessed as a clown working in Circus Circus with a fondness for violence and homicide. He continues to fill this role for the whole of The Liam Smith Show's run, but the only real revelation readers learned about the character was that he had an evil twin brother named Flippo the Clown. Bippo and Flippo frequently argued about who was really the evil twin.

Justice Squad

With Justice Squad, readers were privy to a few more details about the character.

Bippo, it seems, suffers from a heightened sense of awareness that allowed him to become aware of The Watchers and the Controllers and the ebb and flow of his universe which he knew full well was actually fictional - and seems to be the only one who retains that information.

Readers were also introduced to the fact that Bippo has been married several times to famous starlets including Ashley Simpson. No one in Justice Squad can remember exactly how many times Bippo has been married, but it could possibly be up to nine.

Bippo the Clown and Flippo the Clown were also revealed to not only be twins, but triplets as Dippo the Clown was introduced. It's been hinted that the clowns might actually be quadruplets or even quintuplets, but it's never been nailed down how many identical brothers Bippo has… or if they are even his brothers at all!

Latter Years

In one timeline, Bippo died or disappeared before the year 2088 leaving his grandson, Bippo III in charge of a human resistance fighting sentient machines however, it appears that this timeline has been eliminated as the machine war was supposed to have happened in 2001.

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