Capeman is a fictional superhero who appeared in The Liam Smith Show (1999-2002) and Justice Squad (2002-2007). He was also the focus of The Capeman Movie (2000) and Blow'd Up (2001).

Character History


The first appearance of Capeman was in a 1998 stageplay written by Jason Donner entitled "The Justice Squad" in which superheroes named Capeman, Ultrawoman, Colossal Chunk, Nightflyer, and Boy-Boy banded together to save their headquarters from an unknown assailant called The Black Shadow.

The idea was conceived when Jason Donner and several of his friends were working backstage for a show at Angelo State University called The Desert Song in which an Arab prince took on the masked identity of The Red Shadow to protect his homeland from evildoers. The show was generally reviled by everyone who worked on it and was mocked over the stagehand headsets during every show; sometimes the Batman theme would be sung when The Red Shadow entered the room and sometimes explicit lyrics would be substituted for the play's musical numbers.

During the show, it was suggested that someone should write down some of the jokes that had been cracked during the Desert Song and put them into a play of their own. One week later, the script was completed.

The comedy script was generally well-received by those who read it, but it was never produced and was never published.

Capeman first publicly appeared in the premiere episode of The Liam Smith Show called "Revenge is Sweet." Being that "Revenge is Sweet" was written as a one-shot and was never intended to be the start of a hundred-episode serial, little thought was put into the character or Capeman's true identity, but several of his key characteristics were cemented such as his greedy nature and doing heroic deeds for a price. The episode was eventually reconned and rewritten to coincide with the serial's continuity. This version, which corrected some of the problems with the character, is sometimes known as "Revenge is Sweeter."

Fictional Character History


Once, he was the thorn in the side of every superhero on the planet including the original Justice Squad, but in the years since the Worldkiller crisis, Capeman has proven himself a valuable addition to the team even if his greedy streak has resurfaced somewhat.

Undoubtedly the most powerful human on the planet, Capeman was the result of a last ditch effort to save the world from the hellish space-born parasite called Worldkiller. Jason Donner gave himself superpowers in 2002 and then transported himself five years into the past to position himself - Capeman - to save the world when the time came. However, thanks to Capeman's strange power of duoexistance, Capeman separated himself from his maker, leaving Donner in 2002 and sending the newly formed Capeman back to 1997 as a man with no identity and only a fragmented memory.

Unlike his fellow team members who hide their identities, Capeman struggles to create one for himself and figure out where he belongs in the world he has saved so many times. Recently, he has taken the name "Joseph James" to try and have a normal life for himself.

Capeman died fighting his arch enemy, Power Man, in 2003, but again, thanks to his power of duoexistance, aspects of his consciousness manifested into various people around the world and, when they were reassembled by Capeman's consciousness he was reborn.

Capeman has started a very serious relationship with Ultrawoman.

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