Emperor Pokortia Cartasia ruled the planet Catia from March 3, 2581 until May 14, 2598. Her reign is considered the most disastrous and embarrassing in the history of the planet so much that it actually led to her very public execution and the dismantling of the traditional Catian matriarchy.


Pokortia Cartasia was born in the earth year 2564 to the Empress Murisia Cartasia and her fifth mate, Thom Lodury. Murisia Cartasia, a noted hypochondriac and germaphobe, did not allow her daughter to leave the Emperial Palace to mingle with the commoners of the outside and, upon the death of Thom Lodury, her favorite husband, her over-protection of her daughter only grew stronger.

When Pokortia reached the age of 15, Murisia discovered that her daughter had sexual relations with Carlara Guar, a palace maid and immediately had her put to death. She placed her daughter under medical quarantine for two months fearing that Pokortia had contracted a disease from Guar. Various Dukes called for Murisia's dismissal for this murderous act, but her public support was still too strong and a smear campaign against Guar turned planetwide opinion in favor of the empress.

On March 3, 2581, Murisia was killed in a bombing linked to Baris Guar, the father of Carlara Guar. With no other heirs, Pokortia became Empress Cartasia XXXVI.

Even in power, Cartasia was reclusive. Po Leonis, an imperial advisor, expressed public concern that Cartasia was governing with a fractured mind, a final gift from her mother. Radu Katt, the speaker for the Furmia Islands, called for a complete psychiatric evaluation of the new emperor.

This notion was permanently tabled by December 20, 2581 when Cartasia ordered the bombing of a human colony on Alpha Centauri ushering in the Catian War. During this time, Cartasia gathered unprecedented power, instituted drafts, and shut down all civilian industry for his war machine. As the war with Earth turned badly, Cartasia ordered the execution of his highest military officers and ordered school transports to ferry weapons back and forth across enemy lines assuming that the Earth forces would not shoot down transports bearing children.

By April, 2598 the drawn out conflict was over and Earth was victorious. Cartasia unconditionally surrendered on April 30th after the Battle of Malestair in which the last of Catia's supply lines were cut and over seventy children were killed when their weapons-laden transports were shot down.

When Earth demanded that Catia pay restitution for their attack on Alpha Centauri and Earth holdings, the Catian economy crashed overnight. When it was demanded that Cartasia be removed from office, she refused to step down or even take blame for the war. In a dramatic turn, tens of thousands of Catians stormed the palace, dragged Cartasia from his throne, and beat her to death in the streets.


The death of Cartasia ushered in the end of the traditional Catain matriarchy. Former adviser Leonis, who had quit at the onset of the war and became a vocal critic of the Emperor, was named the new Emperor. Leonis appointed nine other families into a caste of ruling families so that never again could the madness of one man send the world headlong into fool heartiness.

Cartasia's name has become synonymous with anyone who is seen as foolish and crazy.

Behind the Scenes

Cartasia shares her name with the insane Centauri Emperor of Babylon 5.

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