The Catian War

The Catian War is the common name for the prolonged conflict between Earth and Catia lasting from 2582 until 2598.

First Conflict

The first conflict of the Catian War began in 2581 when the Catian Emperor, Cartasia was informed that one of his deep space survey missions had discovered a large colony of humans on the planet Richaud in the Alpha Centauri system. Cartasia beleived that the Catians had a rightful claim to the system despite the fact that they had never stepped foot in the system before. Cartasia ordered the planet bombed from orbit resulting in the deaths of 34,000 people.

Answering the colony's distress call, Earth starships Washington (on which Kenneth Hiller was serving as a commander), Ghandi, and Aurora engaged the Catian fleet. With no clear winner, both fleets withdrew to a safe distance. The Diplomatic Corps were called in and engaged in talks with the Catians however, since this was a first contact situation between the two races, an accord was difficult to reach. On Christmas Day an explosion on the Diplomatic Corps ship, the Magna Carta, killed the Earth ambassador and three Diplomatic Corps personnel. Traces of an alien explosive were found on the scene.

When confronted with the evidence of terrorism against the Diplomatic Corps, the Catian ambassador maintained his government's innocence and, on Emperor Cartasia's orders, demanded that Earth withdraw from Alpha Centauri. Earth refused and a formal declaration of war was issued that day.

A Costly War

The war raged for seventeen years. The Catians were not driven out of Alpha Centauri until 2591 devastating the planet Richaud and the local economy there.

Meanwhile, Cartasia gathered unprecedented power, instituted drafts, and shut down all civilian industry for his war machine. As the war with Earth turned badly, Cartasia ordered the execution of his highest military officers and ordered school transports to ferry weapons back and forth across enemy lines assuming that the Earth forces would not shoot down transports bearing children.

The Battle of Malestair

In 2598, the climax of the war was reached with The Battle of Malestair, an infamous conflict for its high death toll and sheer brutality. During this conflict, Kenneth Hiller, now a ground commander, ordered antiaircraft guns to shoot down shuttlebuses carrying Catian children and weapons. Once the supply line was cut, the Catian forces had no choice but to surrender.

The controversial decision by Hiller led to the deaths of over three dozen Catian children and, although a military tribunal cleared him of all charges, the act would haunt him again during the campaign of the 2604 presidential election.

The Treaty of Richaud

On May 11, 2598 Earth President Hans Gedrick and Catain Emperor Cartasia signed The Treaty of Richaud which stipulated that Alpha Centauri was and forever will be an Earth colony and that the Catians must pay restitution for the damages and loss of life suffered during the war. The ramifications of the treaty caused the Catain economy to collapse overnight. Upon returning home, Emperor Cartasia is dragged out of his family castle and executed in front of a crown of thousands.

Cartasia’s former viceroy, Gartay Leonis, is installed as King given his critical attacks on Cartasia during the final years of his reign. Leonis is surprised by the move and promises reform in the government by adding checks and balances to the Catian monarchy.

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