Cave Of The Cyclops

"Cave of the Cyclops" is the 22nd episode of Starseeker and the seventh episode of the second season.

Plot Synopsis

The crew is relieved when, not only does Starseeker survive her latest jump through time and space intact, but also when they find themselves in orbit of Earth 65 million years in the past. Captain Kenneth Hiller decides that the crew, which has served non-stop for over a week, needs some shore leave and, with Tempus' blessing, allows the crew to go down to the prehistoric planet to relax.

Montoya Ward, forced into the shoreleave by Doctor Annabelle Valentine, enjoys a stretch of isolated beach when she is suddenly interrupted by Harkonan Lott who informs her that his security escort has gone missing. When they investigate, they come across an alien artificial lifeform in the desert which appears to be terraforming the planet. They are barely able to escape being disassembled by it.

Jaan Brin attempts to reason with the lifeform, which calls itself The All. When it becomes apparent that The All will destroy all life on Earth in a month if it is left alone, Starseeker fires all weapons at it, but is unable to destroy it.

On the recommendation of Alexander Cole, Hiller prepares to evacuate the ship and use it to land on the creature and use the Quantum Jump Drive to jump into the sun, destroying The All and Starseeker in the process however, Commander Ward soon realizes that the location of The All corresponds to the location of the Chicxulub asteroid impact and that, despite the fact that it should happen soon, no major asteroids are on a collision course with Earth.

Using a combination of tractor beams and physically pushing it, Starseeker manages to change the course of an asteroid to impact the Earth and destroy the all — essentially making Starseeker the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs.


The idea for "Cave of the Cyclops" came from a fifteen second animation about a deep space probe that was being considered by top scientists that would use nano-technology to essentially build a home base and power supply. The Borg were also a large influence.

Another need fulfilled in "Cave of the Cyclops" was that the crew needed a break and, for the first third of the episode, that's what they got along with some character development.

Unlike the troubled "Land of the Dead," "Cave of the Cyclops" was written in one draft and one final edit.

Connection to The Odyssey

In Homer's epic, Ulysses and his crew are captured and held prisoner by Polyphemus, a giant cyclops who eats a few of his men. Ulysses, using his cunning, manages to trick Polyphemus into getting drunk and then blinds him by stabbing him in the eye with his sword and escaping.

In Starseeker's version, The All plays the part of Polyphemus complete with a giant eye on a stalk and even states its desire to consume the ship. Starseeker, instead of a sword, using an asteroid to destroy the beast.

Hints About the Future

There are no overt hints about the future, but Hiller's pondering about who might build another version of The All will become important in the third season.

There is also a reason Brin became so unnerved when he interacted with The All that even he is not aware of.

References and Tidbits

Tempus refers to two objects left behind by irresponsible time travelers: A Deloren and a Police Box which are references to Back to the Future and Doctor Who. He also refers to an incident where John F. Kennedy traveled through time and assassinated himself which is a nod to Red Dwarf.

The unfortunate Lt. Dunning is a reference to Fringe.

In the 27th century, dinosaurs are alive and in zoos.

The temperature in Brin's cabin is near freezing and he and Jaan Kerin consider Starseeker too hot.

Brin is concerned with scars on Kerin's face and back that he does not want to talk about.

Brin likes Montoya Ward but feels that his feelings will not be requited.

Nuperi have a better sense of smell than humans.

Starsie's existence is illegal, but the reason why has not been broached yet.

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