The Celimondian people are non-alligned but considered friendly to Earth.


The Celimondians are humanoid and taller than the average human, though they are often thinner and appear more delicate. The Celimondians appear almost human, but are distinguished by their golden eye color and very pale skin.


After centuries of an oppressive theocracy several thousand years ago, the Celimondian people overthrew the harsh regime and ushered in a new age for the planet. Oddly, this also ushered in the planet's very peculiar quirk of becoming a society of nudists. The Celimondian's complete aversion to clothing is so strong that they will become actively hostile to anyone wearing them as they see such coverings as a symbol of their oppressive past.

It wasn't until Earth Ambassador Jaan Brin negotiated with them over the course of several months on their homeworld that the Celimondians opened official and mutual relationships with Earth however, the Celimondians still refuse to wear clothing and, when visiting their world or one of their ships, it is customary for visitors to go nude as well out of respect.


The Celimondian Government is made up of a Senate with a presiding Prefect. The government is matriarchal and men are forbidden from holding office.

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