The Cethy are a bipedal marsupial race that hails from the planet Ceth.

Physical Characteristics


The Cethy are one of the most exotic humanoid races in the entire known galaxy and have certain traits that seem almost animalistic.

The Cethy possess a thick tail that acts as a counterbalance as they walk; Without it, they would not be able to stand or walk normally without rehabilitation. This tail is often a betrayer of emotion as it will wag when a Cethy is happy, excited, or frightened. Although useful for mobility, the Cethy tail has made life for Cethy who have left their homeworld somewhat difficult as sitting in a humanoid chair or wearding simple humanoid clothing can become a hassle.

Another remarkable trait that the Cethy are known for is a pair of very large ears that can detect levels of sound far beyond the senses of any human. It is thought that the Cethy have the most acute hearing of any known humanoid.

Cethy also have a small mussel which houses an equally impressive sense of smell equivalent to an Earth dog.

Females posses a pouch in which to carry newborns to term once they are born. Cethy children use the pouch to nurse and to sleep until they are three years old or become to large for the mother to carry.

Every Cethy has a coat of fur which can be short or long depending upon weather conditions. It's been noted that Cethy who have taken up residence on Earth shed their thick fur immediately and adapted a very short sheen. Cethy fur can come in a variety of colors, brown being the most common. Other noted colors have been white, black, beige, gray, and mixtures.

The Cethy also have claws on the tips of their fingers and toes which can become very sharp if they are not tended to regularly.

The Cethy brain has not evolved to a point to allow any psychic or telepathic prowess and the species is rated a zero on the psi-scale.


Ceth is the seventh planet in a binary star system. The planet's remote location from the central star has made it a cold and inhospitable region with worldwide temperatures frequently ranging from -60 C in the winter to 5 C in the summer. As a result, the Cethy are well adapted to cold weather and inhabit much of the sphere including the remote poles where the temperature can drop well below -120 C.


Cethy history is a puzzling one. Few records exist of the world's history save for oral histories that were passed down generation after generation. These tales tell stories of creation myth where the world was formed from fire and ice and of a second race that lived side by side with the Cethy and were wiped out by a great evil "in the days of the world's childhood."

A tribal and very primitive society, they were conquered and held subservient to the Zorbarbian Confederation as a working class for many years until one Cethy named Jazzin "Joe" Durrin, an escaped slave, contacted the President of the old Galactic Plutocracy with the plight of his people. The President, The Hive Mind of Beta Gamma Four, reacted immediately and forbade slavery in the galaxy.

Jazzin Durrin returned home to Ceth, and with his wife, raised their son, Joe Jazzin who eventually grew up and became president of the Plutocracy and who disbanded the interstellar alliance when he learned of a conspiracy to expand the Plutocracy's power on false pretenses. Joe also vowed to return his people to their roots as he believed that they were not ready for the life among the stars that was forced on them by the occupation of their world.

For the next five hundred years, the Cethy once again reverted to a tribal planet-locked society and, although they were aware of life on other planets and their encounters with other species, there was no central government to mount any space exploration or the will of the people to even bother.

The Nuperi Dynasty arrived on Ceth in 2578 and helped Cethy society develop by building cities, transportation, and an infrastructure. It was a golden age for the planet achieved through cooperation with offworlders. This, of course, left the Cethy completely unprepared for the Nuperi's forceful annexation of their homeworld in 2584. Although some Cethy managed to escape the planet, Ceth was placed under complete lockdown and its people once again subjugated into a slave race.

Although the Earth Government and a dozen other worlds protested the annexation, the Catian War left little resources to quibble with a hostile race and the matter has simply been swept under the rug ever since.

Little information has leaked out of Ceth since the annexation, but it is known that there is a sizable insurgent force working against the Nuperi.

It is unclear why the Nuperi took such an interest in the Cethy homeworld as it offers very little strategic value and does not appear to have the resources that would justify the expense of a full lockdown. Intercepted Nuperi transmissions make it appear that there are factions in the Nuperi Government that feel the same way and that the occupation's major supporter, the Nuperi Emperor Maron Olix, is keeping it going due to personal interests and an obsession with the Cethy.


As many of the Cethy who escaped the occupation were very young, there is little known about Cethy culture on Earth. It is known that the race was nomadic and practiced an oral history and that ceremony was important to them.

Religious aspects of the culture include the reverence of a group of ancient Cethy known as The Five Warriors who fought a battle against great evil with a second race that lived on the planet's surface. The tale states that the second race was destroyed by evil and that the warriors eventually founded the first five major tribes on the planet.

The Cethy apparently believe in two gods, Fire and Ice, and believe that each one casts its influence on their land. This is bolstered by the fact that due to the orbit of a smaller star around Cethy's primary sun, the planet undergoes a warming period every two hundred years when the average temperature rises by sixty degrees. This would explain why the Cethy have evolved such a impressive adaptation biology.


Only thirty-one Cethy escaped the occupation of their homeworld with eleven of them dying of injuries before they could be rescued from their damaged spacecraft. The number has slowly dwindled since then to only twelve since several elected to return home to fight in the rumored resistance. With no reliable information coming from Ceth, the Cethy have been placed on the endangered species list and individuals receive stipends from the Human government to live in relative safety of Earth. Thus far, only six have accepted this offer.

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