Daralee Ris

Daralee Ris (2583-??) is a female Catian and the second Engineer on Starseeker.

Arrival to Earth

Ris was one of over 500 Catains from the Catian Imperial Armed Forces who volunteered for the Officer Exchange Program and trained with fellow Catian and Starseeker crew member, Hauvie Cordaine.


Upon completion of the program, she was assigned to Starseeker's engineering department doing minor clean up duties. She also became involved in a casual sexual relationship with Starseeker nurse, Jeremy Rickie.

Following a crisis when the ship engines were sabotaged by a Nomit engineer, Pauklauff, Cheif Engineer Alina Branson was so impressed with her dedication and performance that she named Ris as second engineer over the objections of Starseeker's captain, Kenneth Hiller. Since her appointment, she has become a tireless engineer, working alongside Commander Branson and forming a very close friendship with her.

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