Darla Gene

Darla Gene (2520-??) is a human woman who resides on Viking City on Mars. In 2538 during her senior year at Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida, she became pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Kenneth Hiller.

She married Hiller in 2338 and gave birth to their daughter, Marla Hiller, in 2339.

Her marriage to Hiller was short and tumultuous. She frequently blamed him for costing her a college education and the lifestyle that she always wanted and Hiller was unable to support his new family with only a high school education. They divorced in late 2339.

When Hiller departed to join Space Force, Darla became increasingly bitter towards him. She moved with Marla to Tycho City on Luna without informing him and it wasn't until 2342 that he was able to track down his daughter and ex-wife and regain contact. In 2345, Darla once again moved with her daughter, this time to Europe and asked Hiller not to seek them out. Despite this request, Hiller still demanded to see his daughter when he returned to Earth.

In 2349, Hiller married Debora Hernandez and fathered two children. Darla, still bitter towards him, moved to Viking City on Mars and once again requested that Hiller not follow them. With a new family of his own, Hiller relented but insisted that he be allowed to contact his daughter at least four times a year. Darla said she would allow it, but never fulfilled her promise, blocking his calls and throwing away cards and letters from him.

Darla eventually got a job with the Hilton Face on Mars Hotel in 2352 where she worked as a concierge. She worked hard and diligently until she eventually became manager of the establishment where she continues to work to this day.

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