Drew Fangtastic

Drew Fangtastic is a former solider who died in world War One. Currently a low level Vampire master, founder of The Five and member of the Justice Squad.


Character History

Born somewhere in the north of England, Andrew Smith was the eldest of three children to a small coal mining community born in the late ninetenth century around 1897. Andrew who was barely 17 years of age, would be one of the many young boys who left home and lied about their age to serve their country thinking they would have a great adventure and be home before christmas that same year, 1914. The Great War that lasted untill the elevnth of Novemeber 1918 would claim his life, but not in same way as the countless thousands of other lost souls.

He was attacked while on a mission in no mans land by a crazed vampire who manged to infect him with vampirism through scratching him during their brief confrontation. The wounds would prove fatal and Andrew died in a allied hospital of blood poisoning, barely past the age of twenty. He rose from the dead later that same night, undead, a vampire, but found himself to still have some semblance of humanity left. Andrew hid in no mans land for a time, feeding on rats and enemy soliders alike. Andrew did however take revenge on a particuallry incompetant British General, said to be one of the most short sighted tactiticians of all time. At some point late in the war, turning his best friend, James Rymer an injured Irish solider into a vampire to save his life.

Rymer however would go mad from the result, and Andrew did not sire anymore vampires for fear of the same failure. It was around this time he adopted Drew as his name. He kept a close eye on his friend but was unable to prevent him murdering his remarried, heavily pregnant wife. The two lost contact when Drew was apprehended by an ancient vampire named Nicola DuVampyre who had interests in Drew's linage and unusual method of turning. DuVampyre would conduct experiments and noted that Drew was especially powerfull for a new vampire, exhibiting many powers that would normally not be developed for at least a century. More importantly Drew's immortal human soul was still in full control, the demon part was subdued, allowing only the power of the vampire to shine through, granting Drew his gifts. But there was more to this then DuVampyre could seemingly explain and he conducted many experiments over the years to gain some insight.

DuVampyre would later hint that he was somehow responsible for the condition Drew's sire was in. His experiments on other vampires had lead to mutations and some had been destroyed while other had escaped, and DuVampyre theorised that Drew's sire may have been one such experiment, thus he was indirectly responsible for Drew's condition. In a particuarly nasty experimented, Drew left arm was forcibly amputated and used (without Drew's knowledge) to create a clone, and Drew fearing for his life made good his escape once his arm regenerated.

Travelling Europe he would on occasion meet up with other vampires, have run ins with enemies, adventures with Rymer or other associates and was able to witness the rise of the metahuman first hand, even assuming the identity of an American Superhero, complete with terrible Genric American Accent TM. every bit as bad as Dick Van Dykes cockney accent in Mary Poppins.

Towards the end of the twentith century, Drew fell in love with a girl named Anna. A kinda natured soul at heart, she managed to bring some warmth into Drews heart, but for reasons he never made clear he placed her in the protection of Rymer when he discovered an old enemy (a descendent of the world war one gneeral he had killed) was after him. Drew was hunted down and bested in combat by a vampire hunter while setting up a base in Las Vegas. Awakening in hell Drew discovered something which he felt was a great injustice. Decent people were trapped in hell. Notable figures from throughout history were residing in hell for no apparent reason that Drew could determin or possibly agree with. While stuck in hell he was approached by an angel who offered him a deal, arrangments were made if Drew was to keep an eye on a man named Liam Smith.

Drew jumped at the chance and was waiting once a recently deceased Rupert Murdoch was sent to hell, proving to be ever so slightly more evil and managing to topple Satan from his throne. Drew then meet Liam Smith, Thad Coffey and Bippo DeClown, and also helped to rescue Professor Arturo from drowning. Drew leanered that these men had been sent on a mission to restore Satan, bewildered by this, but inspired by the rescue of Arturo, Drew figured out the only way to beat Murdoch, restore Satan and allow them to escape was to introduce him to an an eually evil old friend. Robert Maxwell.

Amazingly this scheme worked and Drew was free and in Las Vegas, the same place he had been when he was staked.

The Liam Smith Show

Drew kept his planning to himself setting up his nest in the tomb of Liberache, sharing few if any details with his new found associates about either himself or his plans. Rumours were rife in the supernatrual community, most thought he was trying to take over Hell itself! Word had even reached the Blue Fairy, Leonard McKensey who was deeply troubled by the idea of a vampire taking over hell.

Dispite his lack of trust and his attitude towards werewolf Thad Coffey, Drew did prove he was able to come through for Liam and the crew in a pinch, somestimes showing up in the nick of time or being turned to for help, sometimes in broad daylight much to his annoyance. He always claimed to have his own motives when questioned why he helped them but would never state what they were. He would oftten team up with Bippo for some bizare missions that made good use of the clowns abilities and seemingly limitless arsenal, and was sometimes seen making use of the Uppda Creek basement boiler rooms furnace for purposes prehaps best left undisclosed, but even after The Cosmic Weasel and Doctor Wham took up residence he still continued to make use of it.

His plans for hell was eventually ruined by Rymer who had sired Anna after she had been mortaly wounded and brought her to meet Drew. Drew had amoungst all his other plans and schemes, been looking for a cure so he could spend a mortal life with Anna, and was saddened that this did not seem to be possible now. Rymer betrayed Drew further by revealing his bases location to Satan who promptly stormed it forcing Drew to activate a self destruct. Anna and Drew were both killed in the resulting melee while Satan was thrown back to hell. Drew was sent back to Earth by his angelic contact. Rymer made good his escape and was attacked by the entity later to be known as Legion.

Drew was eventually killed by Thad in a one on one fight to the death. Unbeknownest to Thad, Drew was possessed by an agent of Satan and thus not in control of his actions. Drew was later found during a mission to hell and helped the crew escape, staying behind to cover their escape.

Justice Squad


Resurrected again for the third time, Drew remained mysterious and secretive about his past as he always has been and, although he was still a relatively young vampire, his was shown to have quite a pull in vampire society operating the Uppda Creek Bar in Las Vegas named in honour of the apartment block Liam had lived in.

The bar was a popular haunt for the supernatural, metehumans, goths and people who simply didn't know better. It also acted as a base for the evil-fighting organization known as The Five, (an organisation that never had exactly five members) he founded to face down an interdimensional threat known as Legion. It was also staffed mainly by vampire sired by Rymer Drew had gathered so he could keep a closer eye on his own progeny. The two most promiment staff were Bob, aka Kate, a vampire girl pretending to be a man by using a false moustache , who failed to do anything about her breasts but otherwise simply levitated all over the bar, and Stevie Gonzales, the fastest Vampire in all Mexico. The bars juke box apeared to be cursed as everyone was magically forced to dance whenever the YMCA song was played.

Drew would meet and fall in love with a young Australian girl called Megan who turned out to be connected to James Rymer and the Omega Nerds. While the relationship did eventually work and love blossomed, Megan was also being pursued for sport by Legion who eventually killed her. Drew turned to Kate for comfort and took advantage of her feelings for him which he didn't trully return.

However, the fight with Legion was a disaster, The Five were in shambles with at least one member pyschically assaulting the others while Drew Fangtastic was captured by DuVampyre and replaced with a clone. Worse yet was to come on a personel level for Drew, as DuVampyre had at some point captured Drew's younger sister, Isabela and turned her into a vampire for the sake of proving a scientific point. Unlike Drew she had not retained her soul. Drew was later killed in a scuffle with Legion who was also a clone of Drew created from the arm by DuVampyre.

He would not stay down for long, however, as he was released from Hell after a rescue by Wolfman, but was returned to Earth as a normal human by none other then Satan himself. At first, Drew saw his new incarnation as a blessing but soon showed difficulty getting used to his mortal form and lack of powers. As a vampire, Drew Fangtastic was powerful and feared, he would even joke that he was god like, but as a normal human, he was a mere shadow of his former self.

Drew finally accepted an invitation to join Justice Squad as a full time member, supernatural expert and advisor on vampire affairs. Drew, as a result, became an outcast in vampire society and, thanks to his past, was not been fully accepted by all the members of Justice Squad and he had many enemies that wanted revenge while he was at his weakest.

During his tenure Drew fell in love with team mate and fellow Brit, Ivy. However she was not interested as at the time she was rebellious and literally sleeping with any man she could. The two would become firm friends and Drew often went out on a limb for her.

Depression kicked in after repeated physical defeats. After he was assualted and beaten to an inch of his life by Sobalda Gewählt, Drew called on his former barmaid and spurned lover, Kate to turn him back. Kate was still bitter towards Drew since he was returned to human form and the way he had previously used her. Though relcutant to do so, Kate did turn him. However Drew's soul did not return as he found himself outside a place he never expected to see, the Gates of Heaven itself. Drew's body however was taken over by the demon responsible for vampire powers, taking the name "Andrew" to mock Drew's past, this creature stalked Kate and Ivy and managed to stake Kate just before Drew's soul returned to his body.

Drew aided Wolfman, Ivy, Bippo and Quasar who teamed up with Doogan Kessler to defeat Dracula and end the Vampire/Werewolf war. This action meant they'd had to split from the rest of Justice Squad who were fighting another major threat at the same time.

The Squad, along with a collection of alternate Drew's and the remains of the Five were eventually able to overhelm and defeat the evil Legion, though the cost was high, Drew himself was completley destroyed. Legions creator, DuVampyre made his escape with the merc Agent D and Isabella, last seen heading off into deep space.

And Beyond?

Drew is seen alive and well in the year 2033 with additional Werewolf powers. He is also seen in the far future timeline of 85,273 AD, acting as Justice Squad liason on Pluto and assigned to work with Wolfman, but has no memories of who he is. Though Drew was seen being reincarnated as a baby after the destruction of Legions body before any of these events took place, both Drew and Ivy were at one point stuck in an alternate reality and were said to have traveled through time before returning home wearing space suit like uniforms. What, if anything lies ahead for him is currently unknown.

Powers, Abilities, Weaknesses and Misc.

As a human in World War One, Drew was a teenager aged 17, of average strength for someone his age who took no regular exercise, with basic military training consisting of charging at a sack of hay hung from a beam with a bayonet.

As a vampire sired at the age of 20, he had; increased strength, resilience, regnertation, enhanced senses, night vision, hypnosis, levitation, superspeed, agility, shapeshifting into a bat and the ability to stick to surfaces as confirmed powers. As he travelled the world he learned more about his abilities, picked up martial arts techniques and various dance moves. He has shown some knowledge in the use of small arms and sub machine guns, swords, knives and other weapons. He even picked up some skills as a chief. He also learned how to cast an astral projection of himself that could physically interact with objects and people and was considered indestructable. His astral form was however destroyed on one occasion. He has at least some magical items on his person but has not been seen performing any magic spells, he has been seen meditating. Drew was also capable of detecting and even recognising certain souls. His brother Martin had a grandaughter who was the reincarnation of their sister Isabella as both shared the same soul.

When he was returned to human state he was in good physial condition but didn't rate as being in peak condition, possibly because he kept forgetting he couldn't depend on his lost powers anymore and kept getting injured thus interupting his training. His sireing by Kate returned many of his powers, but nowhere near the levels they had been before, Kate did however pass on a very powerful version of levitation to him, making him nearly her equal in it's usage post siring. It is possible that with time, Drew could improve all his regained powers to their former glory, but this could take years.

In both vampire incarnations Drew was vunerable to sunlight, garlic, holy water, crucifixes, holy items or locations, stakes to the heart, decapitation, close proximity to holy people or beings or anything that would outright overwhelm his healing powers and kill him. Lack of freash blood when seriously injured could also lead to his death in serious cases. In his second incarnation he was far more vunerable to these as he was effectively a new vampire again.

Metagene Possesion?

Drew was eventually revealed to be a carrier of the unstable metagene responsible for many superhuman powers. In his case it provided the basis for his soul to stay in place and possibly explaining his ability to resurect. This gene was further mutated by the vamprism, possibly explaining why he had so many more powers then a typical new vampire would start with. The specifics have not been elborated on, but in both occasions he was human, both pre vampirism and after his resurection by Satan, Drew showed no outward signs of having any special abilities.

Character Basis and Development History


Many elements of Drew's character, dress and personaility can be attributed to Angel and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both are contemporary to Drew and have similar powers sets, weaknesses and methods of siring, even dress sense. Unlike Angel and Spike who gained or were cursed with their human souls, Drew retained his after turning, as did his own vampire children. Drew's personality was designed to more closely mirror that of Edmund Blackadder and various refences to Blackadder are made in some of his appearances throughout the years.

Drew first apperance was in "Uprising" on November 12, 2000 and was "played" by his creator, David Hopper who celebrated his twenty first birthday the next day. Though various other actors were considered for the role, initially he was going to appear and die while in Hell and be played by a member of N'Sync as one of the celebrity death jokes that were common in The Liam Smith Show. As such Drew's apperance often changed to match the look of his "actor" at the time. The denim jacket he started wearing when made human was one such example.

Drew's death at the hands of Thad at the end of TLSS was originally meant to be permament, but it was decided the character still had future story potential.

When Drew was returned to his human form the idea that he might have some left over powers were considered but never used as it was decided it would be funnier if he kept relying on powers that were no longer there.

The revleation of Legion, a monster who is absorbing powers from other beings, being a clone of Drew is similar in certain repsects to the charcter of Sylar on "Heroes" who also tries to gain the powers of others, and the half human clone of the Doctor from his severed hand on "Doctor Who". Both the introduction of Slyar and the creation of the Doctor clone came about after the revelation of what Legion was in Justice Squad, and Sylar is referenced as a result of this in the battle with Legion. The Doctor Drew that shows up is a reference to an earlier Justice Squad script that also featured a Doctor Drew, both were based on David Tennents Doctor but are not meant to be the same character.

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