"Glimpse" is the 100th episode of Justice Squad and the 20th episode of the third season. It was written by Jason Donner.


Justice Squad is shocked to get invitations to Bippo the Clown's wedding to Paris Hilton. Bippo, having been kicked out of Justice Squad earlier, does not invite Ultrawoman.

While everyone else is at the wedding, Ultrawoman is unwittingly drugged by Bippo and experiences a vision of things to come and becomes aware of the Watchers and the Controller.

Ultrawoman, aware of the new threat, invites Bippo to rejoin.

The Vision

Almost every image in Ultrawoman's vision was a clue to an event that would happen in the next 100 episodes of the series.

Colossal Chunk and the house of cards

When Ultrawoman sees Colossal Chunk making a house of cards, only to be knocked down by Wolfman, this is an allusion to the fact that Colossal Chunk was the reason Justice Squad was formed and was explained in "Ang Lee's Chunk". Wolfman knocking the cards down is a reference to himself and other members of Justice Squad quitting the team to fight in the Vampire/Werewolf War at the end of the 4th season.

Jack kills Blue Fairy

Ultrawoman and the other members of Justice Squad are welcoming Blue Fairy back from retirement when he is suddenly stabbed in the back by his son, Jack. This is a clue that Jack replaces his father at the end of the 3rd season and helps to defeat him when he becomes Azure.

Ultrawoman's Mother

Ultrawoman meets her mother who tells her that Zalika, Ultrawoman's baby, is dead. This is a reference to the death of Ultragirl in season five.

Donner and the Last Supper

Donner is put in the place of Jesus at the last supper, saying that someone at the table will betray him. Three different characters appear as Judas: Sea Man, Wolfman, and Blue Fairy. Sea Man betrays the team during the 4th season finale. Wolfman leaves the team prompting others to do so as well at the same time. Blue Fairy turns evil and betrays the team at the end of the 3rd season.

Sea Man destroys the galaxy

Sea Man is looking at a tiny version of The Milky Way that explodes as other galaxies go out. Nightflyer seems to blame him. This refers to Sea Man inadvertently releasing Chrissie during the end of the "Elseworlds" sage in the fourth season.

Ivy plays golf

Ivy swings at a golfball and yells, "Four!" This is a clue to what her name means and her origin, revealed at the end of the 4th season.

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