Graciefish are non-humanoid aquatic life forms approximately thirty centimeters in length and resembling an Earth cuddlefish. They originate on the planet Grace.



The Graciefish was the seventh intelligent species encountered by human space explorers in 2332 and were discovered when the crew of the early interstellar cruiser Magellan stopped at the planet Grace to replenish their supply of food from the planet's oceans. Favorable and profitable relations between Earth and Grace has been maintained ever since.


Graciefish did not develop written forms of communication until approximately nine hundred years ago when they discovered that pigments naturally created in their bodies could be excreted on rock walls under the ocean. As such, and since the graciefish are peaceful and content to just float all day in their abundant waters, there is little history that can be shared with other races. The most significant event recorded by the Graciefish comes from a legend passed down visually that could be interpreted as an ice age.

First contact with humans changed the Graciefish' universal view and they began to take strides in better understanding the cultures of the universe however, being an undersea species, it put their technology thousands of years behind similarly aged races with no chance of catching him. Fortunately for the Graciefish, humans were eager to share technology with them as they had with the Nomit in exchange for allowing humans shoreleave on the few islands on the planet's surface.

In 2492, the one thousandth anniversary of Christopher Columbus crossing Earth's Atlantic Ocean, the Ocean Blue Resort was opened on the island of Columbus. This resort is open to all species and has single-handedly created the Graciefish economy. Since then, fifty-eight similar resorts have opened on Grace and have created an influx of currency to the water-locked species.

In 2599, the Graciefish approached Earth with the outline of an Officer Exchange Program and agreed to share resources with the planet still suffering from the aftereffects of a prolonged war. Earth gracefully accepted and Graciefish have been valuable additions to Earth ships ever since.

The Officer Exchange Program has since grown to encompass many different species in the Earth Space Force.

Species Information

The Graciefish posses no auditory organs and communicate through differently colored flashes across their skin. It is nearly impossible for hearing-based communicators to speak to one of them without a translator that converts spoken languages into flashes of color.

Graciefish are also water-based and cannot leave the protection of water for extended periods of time. New technology including mobile forcefields have given Graciefish expanded mobility in waterless environments.

With keen awareness of magnetic fields and place in space and time, Graciefish are often used as mappers and cartographers on starships.

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