Harkonan Lott

Harkonana Lott (2586-??) is a Nuperi security officer on Starseeker.

Early Life

Lott was born on the planet Nuper in 2586 and inducted into the Nuperi Imperial Academy at the age of 14 for officer training. Lott graduated in 2605 with the rank of Recruit First Class.

Military Career

In 2609, Lott's mother, Marshall Trina Lott, was killed in an accident with a Space Elevator on Ceth collapsed and crashed to the surface. Although it was a mechanical failure, Lott was led to believe by Marshall Ureean Yageer that it was the result of terrorism from weapons smuggled into Cethy Airspace by Jaan Kerin.

As a result of the Nuperi releasing Jaan Kerin who had been in custody for smuggling, Space Force allowed Lott to come on board as a participant in the Officer Exchange Program. Lott is not allowed access to sensitive areas of the ship as his government is hostile.

Following an altercation with Kerin, Kerin and Lott are not allowed weapons while on the ship and must remain ten meters away from each other or they will be shocked by an implant.

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