Hauvie Cordaine

Hauvie Cordaine (2583-??) is the Catian pilot of Starseeker.

Early Life

Hauvie Cordinane was born on the planet Catia during the Earth year 2583.


Hauvie Cordaine joined the Officer Exchange Program in 2607. During his training, he became romantically involved with a human named Elmer Reavitta who was killed in a shuttlebus accident. Since Reavitta was the only casual human contact that Cordaine had during his time on Earth, he assumed that humans were pansexual like Catians are. This led to an awkwardness and naivety towards fellow humans.


Cordaine was one of fifty Catians selected for service on board Starseeker and, although his first assignment on the ship was in recycling, he was quickly promoted to Pilot following the accidental death of Jerome Pinkston, the ship's original pilot.

Cordaine was subject to disciplinary action when he and Micheal Vera Cruz got into an altercation in Starseeker's Food Court. As punishment, the two of them were forced to share the same cabin for the duration of the mission which could last several months.

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