Humans are a bipedal primate species native to Earth, the third planet of the Sol System.



Humans are bipedal and rather plain looking as far as a species goes. They possess standard primate features and have average sensory perception, although the more acute of them do possess eyesight greater than most discovered species.

Although they do not possess the ability to read minds or move objects telepathically, humans do carry a rating of 2 on the psi-scale for their intuition and emerging mental abilities that, given a few more millennia of evolution, could become rather interesting.


Humans have a rich and diverse culture consisting of hundreds of traditions, religious beliefs, and languages. Today, this makes Earth a colorful and exciting place to visit for vacationing non-terrestrials, but this diversity led to some of the darkest times in the planet’s history as racial strife, religious bickering, and war painted much of the planet’s history in blood.

Earth began to unite under a planetary government in the early 22nd century and, although minor skirmishes would continue to break out in some of the hotbeds on the planet, it ushered in an age of the decline of violence and war on the planet. By the formal establishing of the Earth Government in 2402, war and racial violence had largely been stamped out.

Although regions on the planet are still named after the old nations that once claimed them, humanity sees such signs of rigid nationality distasteful and it is seen as taboo to fly flags that advertises these nations as it is interpreted as symbols of a time when humans were war torn and divided.


The human species first appeared on the order of 100,000 years ago. The early humans interbred with another species called the Neanderthals who where completely assimilated by the growing number of humans thus, every human being on the planet is a mixed breed.

The species first achieved space flight in 1961 when a human completed one orbit around the planet. Subsequent space missions continued and in 1969, humans explored their own moon.

By 2020, humans established a permanent colony on Luna and then completed a mission to the nearby planet Mars in 2032, establishing a colony there by 2045. By the middle of the 22nd century, humans had explored every major body in their own system.
With the advent of faster than light travel by 2312, humans moved out and explored neighboring star systems and made first contact with an alien species known as the Nomit who resided on a planet orbiting Bernard’s Star. Soon, humanity was aware that it was not alone in the galaxy.

In 2499, Humans made first contact with The Nuperi Dynasty who made the claim that Earth would one day be annexed into their empire. The humans objected to this candid remark and hostilities broke out between the people. Although there was never a declared war, skirmishes and hit and run attacks along the border of Earth space and Nuperi space became common leading to over a hundred years of hostilities between the two races.


In the year 2561, humans became aware of a species called N’Sai who believed that mammalian life was inferior and began raiding human convoys and colonies for supplies. Hostilities only lasted a few years, but the conflict did result in interruptions of food and supplies to outlying colonies that lead to famine and the loss of many lives.

The most severe of the conflicts took place in 2582 when the Catain War began with the Catian destruction of the human colony on Alpha Centuari. The conflicts lasted sixteen years and set human space exploration back a century. Hostilities ended in 2598 with the Catian surrender. Earth has now become a galactic superpower in the Milky Way.


Earth is a highly regarded member of the galactic community even though most non-terrestrials hold the believe that Humans actively try to push their own values on other species. Some see Humans as intolerant conservatives for this reason.


Despite the destruction of their homeworld and subsequent destruction of Sol, Humans will exist until at least 5,000,000,000 AD, but will be extinct by The Smothering. Some relics of humanity survive up until the end of the universe including reproductions of A Starry Night and the Mona Lisa.

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