The Intruder

The Intruder was a "temporal agent" inserted into the timestream by Senter of the Ja'harahan Dynasty.

The Intruder's mission was to subtly change the personal histories of the Starseekercrew, weakening them to a point where they would be less of a threat.

The Intruder's known alterations to the timeline:

  • Posed as Alexander Cole's mother one day after she died and tainted his relationship with her, making him bitter and cynical in life.
  • Planted a narcotic near the place where Annabelle Valentine helped an injured alien. Her inability to know what it was to help ease her patient's pain filling her with self-loathing and doubt.
  • Posed as the future child of Montoya Ward and convinced her father, Antwon Ward, to take his ship and find her one day before the search party did when her ship was catastrophically disabled. This caused Ward to grow closer to her father, reject the spiritual life of her mother, and become cold to others.
  • Posed as Eneon, an alien butler, as Micheal Vera Cruz grew up. Although Vera Cruz could see and hear Eneon, no one else could and Vera Cruz was diagnosed with severe mental conditions. As Eneon, the Intruder also burned down the home of Vera Cruz' parents and made it look like Vera Cruz had done it himself.
  • Posed as Elmer Reavitta, a space force officer, who befriended and became a lover of Hauvie Cordaine. As Elmer, the Intruder clouded Cordaine's perceptions of humanity causing him difficulty later.
  • Sabotaged the jump engines on the Conrade creating a bigger disaster than what was supposed to have happened. As a result, Alina Branson was wracked with guilt over the accident and the injuries to her fiancee, Ernie Kelton.

The Intruder was captured thanks to the help of Mrs. Welles, Tempus, and the Starseeker crew, but chose to commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner.

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