Jaan Brin

Ambassador Jaan Brin (2577-??) is the Chief Diplomat on board Starseeker.

Early Life

Brin was born on the planet Ceth as a member of the Siyam Tribe to Kartir Jaan and Brena Marti. He lived in Daketi, a settlement constructed by the Nuperi with his parents, his older brother Jaan Leith and younger brother, Jaan Kerin.

In 2584, the Nuperi forceably annexed Ceth into its empire and started to carpet bomb the native populations from orbit. Jaan, Marti, and Leith were killed in the attack, but Brin and Kerin managed to escape on a commandeered Nuperi shuttle. The shuttle flew for over four weeks until it was intercepted by a Space Force deep space explorer, the Marco Polo. Kerin and Brin were among the twenty survivors on board.


The two brothers, aged 7 and 4 at this time, were cared for by the Marco Polo's head nurse, Linda Young as they were ferried to Earth for asylum. On the way there, Young and the boys grew very close and, after a period of quarantine and study on Earth, Linda and her husband, Ross Young, petitioned the Earth government to officially adopt Brin and his brother. The adoption was officially granted in 2585.

Brin began elementary school at Mountain View Elementary in Anchorage, Alaska - the first non-terrestrial to do so. He quickly learned English and Spanish before the age of 10 and Chinese before the age of 12.

While attending Chugiak High School in Anchorage in 2593, Brin was the victim of an assault when he went to his Senior prom with a Human woman. Although there was no permanent injury, Brin seemed determined that education and cooperation was the only way to end violence between Earth and the other races. He applied for The Diplomatic Corps a few months later.

The Diplomatic Corps

Brin was eagerly accepted by the Corps who were very interested to get a non-human representative for Earth. By this point, Brin spoke eight languages and was learning new ones at the rate of one every two years. Brin's reputation was seriously damaged in 2599 when it was discovered by his colleges that his brother, Kerin, had made several pornographic holograms but this revelation never hurt his professional status.

Jaan Brin was appointed a full ambassador in 2600.

In 2601, Brin was commended for going above and beyond the call of duty in negotiating a formal treaty with the Celimondian Government. The mission won Brin interplanetary acclaim in the Sol System and gave him his choice of assignments. During this mission, he met Kenneth Hiller and the two became very good friends.

Brin stayed on Celimondia for a month before requesting an appointment on Catia where he helped establish the first Earth Embassy on that world. He stayed on Catia until 2603.

Brin spent the next five years serving as Earth ambassador to Catia, the Xrax, and the Arbok. In 2608, at the request of his long-time friend, Captain Ken Hiller, Brin was assigned to the Starseeker as its chief ambassador.


Brin has been responsible for setting up formal dialogues with the Kudans and the sentient crystals of the planet Veradaine. He also successfully negotiated the release of his own brother from the Nuperi.

In 2609, Brin was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease that could prove fatal without proper treatment. He is currently on medication to stem the advance of the disease until Starseeker can return to Earth and he can receive a nervous system transplant.

The Future

Mrs. Welles, a time traveler from far in the future, confided in Captain Hiller that Jaan Brin will do great things in the years to come, but she did not specify what or how.

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