Jaan Kerin

Jaan Kerin (2580-??) is a male Cethy and the owner and manager of The Officer's Club on Starseeker.

Early Life

Kerin was born on the planet Ceth as a member of the Siyam Tribe to Kartir Jaan and Brena Marti. He lived in Daketi, a settlement constructed by the Nuperi with his parents, his older brothers Jaan Leith and Jaan Brin.

In 2584, the Nuperi forceably annexed Ceth into its empire and started to carpet bomb the native populations from orbit. Jaan, Marti, and Leith were killed in the attack, but Kerin and Brin managed to escape on a commandeered Nuperi shuttle. The shuttle flew for over four weeks until it was intercepted by a Space Force deep space explorer, the Marco Polo. Kerin and Brin were among the twenty survivors on board.


The two brothers, aged 7 and 4 at this time, were cared for by the Marco Polo's head nurse, Linda Young as they were ferried to Earth for asylum. On the way there, Young and the boys grew very close and, after a period of quarantine and study on Earth, Linda and her husband, Ross Young, petitioned the Earth government to officially adopt Brin and his brother. The adoption was officially granted in 2585.

Kerin began elementary school at Mountain View Elementary in Anchorage, Alaska shortly after the adoption was finalized. His scored were consistently low, but passing throughout his school career. He dropped out of high school at the age of 18 in 2598 with the dream of purchasing a private ship.

A few months after leaving high school, Kerin was approached by an adult film company who offered him an undisclosed amount of money to appear in a pornographic video. Kerin agreed and appeared in the adult film, Love Among the Stars. He also appeared in three sequels, taking the money he earned to buy a ship.

Smuggling Operation

Once Kerin made it into space, he began to offer his services to private citizens as a passenger service and businesses as a courier. In 2803, Kerin encountered a Cethy man named Benarran Cober who was a member of the Cethy insurgence. Cober took Kerin on a supply run to Ceth and, for the first time in almost twenty years, Kerin stood on the surface of his homeworld.

Returning to Ceth had a profound effect on Kerin who immediately fell in with the insurgency and started to run weapons and medical supplies to rebels on the surface. In exchange, he began to record the oral history of his people to archive it on the hypernet.

In 2609, Kerin was captured by the Nuperi and accused of aiding the insurgents. His brother, Jaan Brin, the ambassador on Starseeker, came to his aid and convinced the Nuperi to release him on the condition that Kerin be placed under house arrest on Starseeker for a year. In exchange for this, the Nuperi were given Kerin's ship and all of the information on board. The Nuperi did not realize that the ship was infected with aggressive spyware leaving the information in the computers useless.


Although a reluctant passenger on Starseeker, seeing it as more of a prison than a home, Kerin lent his considerable expertise as a chef to the Officer's Club during a dinner welcoming Harkonan Lott to the ship. Kerin was offered ownership of The Officer's Club which he accepted.

Following an altercation with Lott, Kerin and Lott are not allowed weapons while on the ship and must remain ten meters away from each other or they will be shocked by an implant.

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