Jason Donner

Jason Donner is the writer and creator of The Liam Smith Show, Justice Squad, and Starseeker. Jason Donner is also the name of a character in The Liam Smith Show and Justice Squad.

The Real Jason Donner

The Real Jason Donner is a Texas native known for his love of science fiction, horror, and comic books. He has a B.A. in Theater Arts and Journalism and currently teaches a variety of subjects to high school kids in East Texas.

The Character

Early Life

Donner was born in Texas. Little is known about his life before meeting Capeman, but it's been hinted that he was a male prostitute or a hustler before becoming wealthy from being Capeman's agent.

The Liam Smith Show

Quite different from his real life counterpart, Jason Donner was originally conceived as an avatar for the writer but grew into an independent creation over the years. Rich and spiteful at first, Donner was frequently seen as a spoiled wealthy menace on The Liam Smith Show who seemed to delight in hurtful remarks and tearing down those who were poorer and, in his eyes, lesser than he was.

Over the years, however, Donner became more empathetic to his friends particularly when he lost all of his money in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against him. Donner was also a survivor of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, another event that affected him deeply even though he never speaks of it to others. After a while, Donner was able to regain his fortune and a sliver of his new found humility when he once again became Capeman's agent after being fired.

Justice Squad

Donner's business empire grew until he represented and financed all of Justice Squad and became the world's second most wealthy man behind Rich E. Mogul.

Donner entered into an affair with Ultrawoman and fathered a single child, Zalika Anne Donner. Despite the fact that Zalika is the world's most powerful human, he is still very protective of her.

With political aspirations always running high in his mind, Donner has attempted to run for President of the United States twice but lost pitifully both times. He was, however, made a member of Rich E. Mogul's presidential cabinet as Chair of Superhuman Affairs and helped run the country after Mogul was deposed.

Donner was shot by Sea Man resulting in spinal injury and has become reliant on a cane to walk as the action brings him great pain. The attack had a profound effect on him and he has since taken up martial arts for self defense.

A few months after the sudden death of Quasar, Donner had his cane re-engineered as a Cosmic Stick and briefly took the name Quasar for himself during the Great Crisis. Although he still possesses the stick, he does not frequently jump into battles as a superhero and only does so if the situation is very dire.

Latter Years

Very little is known about Donner after Justice Squad, but it is hinted that he is alive and healthy at least 16 years after the end of the show if his health and luck matches that of his Earth-P counterpart.

Starseeker Era

Although many records from the 20th and 21st century are lost at this time, it is generally believed that Donner does eventually become President of the United States.

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