Jeffery Travis

Jeffery Travis (2555-??) is a human male and former first officer of Starseeker. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Early Life

Travis was born on Tycho City on Luna in 2555. He joined the academy in 2573 and graduated in 2577.

Travis married in 2591 and had a daughter who was killed in the tragic dome failure of Aldrin Park in 2598. Travis entered into a long period of depression in which is marriage fell apart and his life was turned upside down. He voluntarily checked into a rehab clinic in 2600 where he tested positive for several controlled substances. In 2601, he was released.

While serving as first officer on the Idaho in 2605, Travis was placed on suspension for illegal drug use and intoxication that led to the deaths of five people on a shuttle. The suspension only lasted three years until Admiral Samantha Lane reassigned him to Starseeker and closed the case. Lane ordered Travis to report back to her in regular intervals about what was happening on the ship, a flagrant breach of Captain Kenneth Hiller's autonomy.


Travis served on Starseeker only a short time until he was exposed as a mole by Hiller. After that, Travis had a change of heart and destroyed Gunboat against Lane's explicit orders. Travis resigned his commission and took his own personal transport saying that he was going to explore the galaxy on his own.

After Starseeker

Travis did not file a flight plan when he left. His current position and status is unknown.

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