Justice Squad

The Justice Squad is a superhero team. While many of the characters appeared on their own previously, the team as a whole first appeared in The Liam Smith Show episode "Day of the D.O.N.G."

After the Internet sitcom ended, the Squad was given its own series, with a proposed five season run. The series ended on December 3, 2007.

The show is a parody of many popular superhero conventions, as well as specific Superhero Teams and Individual Heroes.

The Justice Squad Stageplay

The first appearance of the team was in a 1998 stageplay written by Jason Donner entitled "The Justice Squad" in which superheroes named Capeman, Ultrawoman, Colossal Chunk, Nightflyer, and Boy-Boy banded together to save their headquarters from an unknown assailant called The Black Shadow.

The idea was conceived when Jason Donner and several of his friends were working backstage for a show at Angelo State University called The Desert Song in which an Arab prince took on the masked identity of The Red Shadow to protect his homeland from evildoers. The show was generally reviled by everyone who worked on it and was mocked over the stagehand headsets during every show; sometimes the Batman theme would be sung when The Red Shadow entered the room and sometimes explicit lyrics would be substituted for the play's musical numbers.

During the show, it was suggested that someone should write down some of the jokes that had been cracked during The Desert Song and put them into a play of their own. One week later, the script was completed.

The comedy script was generally well-received by those who read it, but it was never produced and was never published.

The Liam Smith Show


Publicly, he character of Capeman appeared in the first installment of The Liam Smith Show and the Blue Fairy appeared as a very minor character in later episodes. Doctor Wham and Cosmic Weasel were also introduced in this serial.

It was not until a two-part season two episode called "The Fury of P.E.N.I.S." and "Day of the D.O.N.G." that Justice Squad was officially formed and the characters of Colossal Chunk, Nightflyer, the modern-day Ultrawoman, and Captain Spaz were introduced. Justice Squad appeared sporadically throughout the series run and in another two part episode in the third season titled “Apocalyptic Appetizer” and “The Main Course” which introduced Quasar and brought The Cosmic Weasel and Doctor Wham into the Justice Squad fold. During the last episode of The Liam Smith Show, Captain Spaz was killed off and has gone down as the one character that has never been brought back from the dead.

The Capeman Movie

The first superhero solo adventure published by The Slightly Warped Website was The Capeman Movie, a parody of Superman: The Motion Picture in which we learn of the origins of Capeman and how he became a hero in Las Vegas.

The last survivor of the planet Krapton, Capeman comes to Earth as an infant and is raised in an orphanage where he learns of his powers and his lineage. Upon reaching adulthood, Capeman becomes a superhero protecting Las Vegas. The twist in this story is that Capeman is paid for his services and becomes very greedy and materialistic because of it.

Soon, however, a new superhero appears on the scene named Power Man who destroys Capeman’s reputation, and then tries to kill him when it turns out that Power Man is evil.

Capeman is eventually aided by his parents, who actually didn’t die because Krapton never really exploded. He kills Power Man, becoming the number one hero in the world again.

This story had a cameo by The Blue Fairy (who had, by that point, become a minor supporting character on The Liam Smith Show) and boasted the first appearance of an Ultrawoman, who has since been revealed to be the current Ultrawoman’s mother.

Power Man eventually returned and has become a recurring villain on Justice Squad.

Blow'd Up

The first and (as of this date) only Justice Squad comic was "Blow'd Up," a Capeman adventure that had Capeman searching for a mad bomber who blew up the Justice Squad Moon Watchtower during a superhero party. It turns out that Capeman is actually to blame since the explosions are caused by his superpowerful farts. All is not lost, however, as he uses his gas to defeat Saddam Hussein.

The comic featured cameos of several famous superheroes including Green Lantern, Stargirl, Hourman, Wonder Woman, The Authority, Captain Picard, Guinan, and The DeLorean Time Machine.

Journey to Lost Hidden Dinosaur World of Atlantean Amazon Gold!

The superheroes Cosmic Weasel and Dr Wham are asked by the US military to recover a downed plane carrying a top secret project; a pair of Nuclear Assisting Devices (or N.A.D.s). They crash onto the mysterious island of Kirbylee, losing their powers, and find the island is filled with Amazon women, Dinosaurs, talking Ape Men, Lizard Men, and an evil wizard named Nilrem.

Cosmic Weasel and Dr Wham, with the assistance of Luna (a native Amazon) and Dr Katherine Comfort (an attractive nuclear physicist), discover that Nilrem has captured the N.A.D.s, and is using them to power his magic. The manage to defeat the wizard, through trickery and cheap shots. Dr Wham and Dr Comfort stay on the island to research its ways, and Cosmic Weasel brings Luna back to America.

At the end, it is revealed that the entire movie has been recounted to two other Justice Squad members, who discount it until Nilrem and his lizard men attack the diner they are at while looking for revenge.

Seasons & Specials

Season 1


Since the end of The Liam Smith Show, Thad Coffey (as Wolfman) and Bippo the Clown have joined Justice Squad. After helping to quell an alien invasion, Cosmic Weasel’s girlfriend, Luna, and her green pet tiger, Devour, also join as does the reformed alien criminal, Quasar.

As the season progressed, Power Man is released from the dimension of fiction and begins his obsession with killing Capeman. Dick Cheney tries to take over the world and is replaced as Vice President by The Liam Smith Show alumni, Stacy VaVoom. Her former boyfriend, Gary the Fanboy, is turned into a dog and stays by her side.

Bippo the Clown, in the meantime, is put in charge of a special covert wing of Justice Squad called Justice Squad Black and tells the other members that they are being watched by a powerful and omnipotent force called “The Watchers.” No one believes him.

The F-Men, a parody of the X-Men, are introduced. Although none of them, aside from their arch enemy, The Amazing Colossal Wood, have any real powers they feel ostracized from humanity because of their freakish looks and beliefs.

As the season progressed, trillionare industrialist, Rich E. Mogul – an analogy of Superman’s Lex Luthor – forms a group of super villains called the Injustice Squad who he hopes to use to take over the world, destroy Justice Squad, and make Ultrawoman his bride.

The Justice Squad 1,000,000 Saga was a parody of DC Comics 1,000,000 event in which the Justice Squad are taken to the year 85,271 where they and the future incarnation of Justice Squad must band together to save the future and the present from the evil time-traveling villain, Minute Man. This thirteen part story was undertaken by several different authors and, thusly, the multi-writer story arch has become a Justice Squad tradition ever since.

The Five, a paranormal superhero group started by Liam Smith Show alum Drew Fangtastic, was formed to help take down an interdimensional threat and Justice Squad Europe was formed to help protect the planet. We also found out that Ultrawoman and Donner are in the midst of a torrid love affair.

The season finale had the Injustice Squad attack Justice Squad in the watchtower. Although Justice Squad managed to defeat the villains, the attack left Capeman dead and Cosmic Weasel powerless. Cosmic Weasel, Luna, and Devour left Justice Squad because of this.

Donner, in the meantime, found himself developing new and powerful abilities which he kept secret and the episode ended with the team's scientific advisor, The Professor, telling Ultrawoman that she was pregnant.

Project Omega

Following the resignation of The Cosmic Weasel, Luna, and Devour from the Justice Squad, the heroes decide to embark on a career of vigilantism. Relying on weapons and gadgets such as the "Weas-shooter", a device that operates not unlike that of Spider-Man's Web-Shooters. During a crimefighting battle, they stumble onto the plans of the supervillain group The Omega Nerds (a massive army/organization of fanboys gone bad).

Still adapting to life without powers, Cosmic Weasel investigates the plans of the Nerds by forging a reluctant alliance with the incarcerated Alpha Nerd. During the investigation, Cosmic Weasel recounts his origin (and first meeting with Dr Wham) and discovers that the accident that gave him his abilities has been causing his powers to fluctuate wildly throughout his career. Alpha surmises that the erratic problems that arose for Cosmic Weasel during Season 1 was the surfacing of super-speed powers. Meanwhile, in order to deal with their financial problems, Luna enters the workforce at a local video store owned by a man named Mario.

When the Omega Nerds and their new leader, the Gamma Nerd, catch wind of Cosmic Weasel's investigation, they launch an all out assault on Cosmic Weasel, The Alpha Nerd and Luna, prompting them to hide out at a local nightclub owned by a man named Charlemagne. It's revealed that Charlemagne is an engineer that has provided Cosmic Weasel with numerous vehicles (namely the Weasel Wagons that Cosmic Weasel uses) and gadgets (such as the aforementioned Weas-Shooters). Charlemagne covers for them as they escape in an all new Weasel Wagon. But when they reach their home and discover Devour was injured in an attack from the Omega Nerd's resident hitman, The DBZ Nerd. This prompts a massive assault on the Nerds by Luna which results in her capture.

Cosmic Weasel attempts to mount a rescue (mowing down the DBZ Nerd in the process), but a double cross on the part of The Alpha Nerd squashes that. Now in the hands of the enemy, it's revealed that the Omega Nerds' plan is to acquire their own super-powers in a reactor chamber that Cosmic Weasel is blackmailed into powering. The reactor turns the Gamma Nerd into a large purple monster that Cosmic Weasel subdues with the help of his new powers while Luna incapacitates the Alpha and Beta Nerd (Alpha's brother).

In the end, Cosmic Weasel gets the hang of his new speed powers, and with Luna and a healed Devour is ready to return to the Justice Squad.

Season Two


Picking up several months after the end of the first season, Luna, Devour, and Cosmic Weasel rejoin Justice Squad after the events in Project: Omega just in time to assist the Squad in tracking down the culprit behind an outbreak of fish attacks on dry land. With the aid of a submarine, they discover that the attacks are originating from The Undersea Kingdom, an underwater society ruled over by the pompous and egotistical king, Sea Man. Sea Man, a parody of Aquaman, is waging war against the surface dwellers but soon finds himself up against his own sister who tries to take over his role as ruler. With Justice Squad’s help, the coup is stopped and Sea Man, disgraced and embarrassed, leaves The Undersea Kingdom to fight crime with Justice Squad.

Later, another living Xrax, the same species as Quasar, is discovered floating out in deep space. A female, T’ara Rool insists that she and Quasar continue to propagate their nearly extinct race until she finds out that he was responsible for the destruction of their homeworld. Even though she hates him for that, T’ara decides that continuing the Xrax bloodline is more important and, taking Quasar’s sperm with her, she leaves for outer space.

The Jennifer Hanson Empire places an android spy on The Watchtower which alerts Justice Squad that a large interstellar war between the Hansonites and another alien race called The Rectumarians is waging and that Earth may be caught in the crossfire.

Robo-Britney is brought back to life and is given the ability to duplicate herself over and over again until there is a large army of Britney. During a fight with the Robo-Britney’s, Cosmic Weasel is thrown into the past and, for several weeks, Justice Squad believes him to be dead.

While Cosmic Weasel is missing, Robo-Britney and her army conquer Afghanistan and transform it into a country called Great Britnia. On a mission there, Justice Squad meets the extreme super agent, Triple Dubya – who is actually George W. Bush playing out a Triple X fantasy – and, more importantly, Capewoman… a female superhero with all of Capeman’s powers.

Cosmic Weasel returns from a Wild West adventure in the past just as Nightflyer comes out of the closet and admits his homosexuality and Donner, using his mysterious new powers, briefly becomes the New Capeman until his powers grow so massive that Blue Fairy takes them away for his safety.

Soon, Wolfman and Capewoman begin a romance as a strange new entity makes it presence known by kidnapping random people around the planet. It is later revealed that this ghost like presence is Capeman’s soul trying to reform itself from the shattered pieces of his own psyche which have scattered around the planet and taken human form. When his dark side, called Cape-Devil, gains control, Capewoman – armed with the fact that she is a facet also, reintegrates into the Capeman matrix and Capeman is brought back to life.

Before the Justice Squad can welcome him back, however, Ultrawoman goes into labor and delivers her daughter, Zalika Anne Donner who turns out to have very potent superpowers for a baby. Wolfman, in the meantime, heartbroken over Capewoman’s departure, quits Justice Squad and leaves.

His absence is short-lived, however, as the alien Skree allows him to make contact with the Capewoman facet of Capeman’s personality and accidentally brings a powerless version of her into the real world. Suffering from amnesia, Wolfman sends her to live with a friend and, finding peace inside himself, he rejoins Justice Squad.

At the end of the season, Justice Squad ventures out into space to stop the Jennifer Hanson/Rectumarian war and discover that it is actually the result of manipulations by a race of war profiteers called The P’rellians. When the two warring sides learn of this, they set out to destroy the P’rellians and, to stop an intergalactic genocide, Justice Squad is apparently destroyed in a massive explosion leaving Donner, Wolfman, and Ultrababy as the only survivors of the catastrophe.

The Wrath of P.E.N.I.S.

Taking place between the third season episodes “A Rock and a Hard Place” and “Space Sucks,” "The Wrath of P.E.N.I.S." was a commemorative story and a salute to the Liamverse’s fifth anniversary. In it, Luna, Wolfman, Sea Man, Quasar, Devour, and Ultrababy are sent back to the year 2002 during the time of The Liam Smith Show episodes “The Fury of P.E.N.I.S.” and “Day of the D.O.N.G.” when Rich E. Mogul and a villain from The Liam Smith Show, Senestra Malevolous, join forces to change history and prevent Justice Squad from ever forming.

In the episode, the future Justice Squad members play background characters in the popular Liam Smith Show episodes as the Deep Space Nine crew did on Kirk’s Enterprise in the episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.”

The story ended with the future Justice Squad ensuring that Justice Squad was formed the way it was supposed to and ended with our heroes back in the present during the third season episode “Space Sucks.”

Season Three


With Justice Squad dead, Wolfman Donner and Ultrababy return to Earth to discover that a new Justice Squad has been called into service. This new Squad, consisting of Doctor Wham, Black Puma, Purple Helmet, Nova, The Texan, Flippo the Clown, Jack McKinsey, Ivy, and Chevy Chase. Wolfman is designated as the leader and on their first mission together, they neutralize an out of control liquid metal Robo-Britney prototype called the Robo-Britney B-1000 which is presented to Justice Squad as a gift from the grateful Britneys.

The Reserve Justice Squad stayed in place for nine weeks until the real Justice Squad returned from a pocket universe that Blue Fairy unknowingly placed them all in for their own protection. Blue Fairy quits Justice Squad to spend more time with his family and Ivy takes his place. Donner and Ultrawoman get a divorce. Bippo the Clown is fired due to his part in the explosion that almost killed them all.

After all of this, Rich E. Mogul announces his candidacy for President of the United States and, amazingly enough, wins against both George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Ultrawoman learns of The Watchers and of a force behind them called The Controller when Bippo the Clown slips her a mind-altering substance. She allows Bippo back into the group.

Rich E. Mogul is sworn in as president and his girlfriend, Senestra Malevolous, ends their relationship by sending a giant robot to kill him. Justice Squad steps in and saves the day, but Mogul has the last laugh by taking over the day to day operations of Justice Squad, replacing Donner, and making it a government agency. Ultrawoman counters by making Donner a full fledged Justice Squad member, keeping him in the fold.

A backscratcher used by Sea Man is revealed to be The Forever Staff, a magical device able to open doorways to other locations and, when his evil sister Doran tries to steal it, both of them accidentally end up visiting dozens of parallel universes and kicking off the Elseworlds Event. Sea Man eventually lands on Hubworld, an interdimensional airport of sorts, and is directed by Professor Maximillian Arturo to help end a crisis on Earth One. The crisis is ended, Doran is lost forever, and Sea Man ends up back on Earth Prime where, when showing off The Forever Staff’s capabilities, accidentally chops his own hand off. It is replaced by a sophisticated liquid metal replacement.

At the end of the season, the evil sorcerer Nilrem and his daughter, Liana, enact a scheme to steal the Blue Fairy’s wand which kills his wife and seriously injures his son. Blue Fairy, charged by grief and revenge denounces his role as Blue Fairy and, using the power he took from Donner the year before, takes on the role of Azure.

Azure tries to remake the world the way he sees fit, but Justice Squad stops him with the help of his son, Jack, who gains the powers of the Blue Fairy. Azure chases Nilrem into space on a futile mission of vengeance.

As the last episode ends, Senestra Malevolous is revealed to be pregnant with Mogul’s child and Donner is shot in his own office and left for dead by an unknown assailant.

Beauty and the Beast

Taking place at the same time during Sea Man's interdimensional travels in the season three Elseworlds arc, Beauty and the Beast was a team-up adventure starring Wolfman and Luna. In it, Luna and Wolfman investigate the distribution of a new drug on the streets called "Immanimutos", a drug that when ingested, gives the user superhuman abilities, yet not without the side effect of a monstrous physical change. Upon their investigation, the two discover that Mad Cow and Tiana Lim are in charge of the cartel and put a stop to them, much to the chagrin of FBI agents Tooty and Sunday, who are also investigating the drug. After a frantic car chase, Luna and Wolfman stop Tiana and Mad Cow, have them arrested, and destroy the supply of drugs.

The most notable portion of the movie is the revelation that Luna has an older brother named Solaris and despises him because of his sexist and vicious attitudes towards the Kirbylean Amazons. This sibling rivalry is the source of all of Luna's hostility towards Wolfman, who bears a resemblance to her brother along with a wolf tattoo. It is revealed at the end of Beauty and the Beast that Solaris is alive and well, contrary to Luna's belief that he died in an avalanche. Solaris is also revealed to have been the mastermind behind the drug syndicate Tiana and Mad Cow failed to run.

The movie is a homage to several buddy cop action movies, such as "Lethal Weapon", "Rush Hour", "The Long Kiss Goodnight", "48 Hours", "Starsky & Hutch", "Bad Boys" and even "Kuffs". It also features guest appearances from Ultrawoman, Cosmic Weasel, Bippo, Devour and Drew Fangtastic and the first and only appearance to-date of "The Luna-mobile", a bulletproof remote controlled SUV with several weapons stashed inside it and a camouflage capabilities.

Season Four

The fourth season of Justice Squad opened with Donner fighting for his life in a hospital as Justice Squad sought out the person responsible for shooting him. Wolfman, in the meantime, was kidnapped by his arch nemesis Doogan Kessler who tried to get his aid in fighting a war between the vampires and the werewolves. Wolfman refused and escaped his custody. Eventually, Justice Squad caught their secretary, Miss Ballsworth, trying to kill Donner, stopped her, and saved his life.

Cosmic Weasel asked Luna to marry him and she accepted.

Justin Timberlacky, who had been adopted as a Jack of all Trades by Justice Squad was killed in a fight with his previous clone. Timberlacky was re-cloned but due to a miscalculation, only came out two inches tall and was, from that point on, referred to as Tiny Timberlacky.

Sara Vatar, the former Capewoman, had her memories returned to her after an encounter with an ancient magical armor and, even though she still did not regain her powers, she and Wolfman resumed their love affair with great vigor.

Drew Fangtastic was rescued from Hell and returned to Earth, restored as a normal human. Even though he lacked any powers, he was finally made a member of Justice Squad due to Wolfman’s recommendation and his great knowledge of the supernatural. This decision was welcome at first, but Drew did not adapt well to his human form frequently getting injured.

Luna’s brother Solaris, hinted at in Beauty and the Beast, returned to take on the Justice Squad and though he was defeated, he proved to be a powerful adversary.

After the birth of Mogul and Senestra’s baby, a little boy named Alexander Mogul, an evil God named Hogarth appeared and demanded the baby in exchange for favors granted to Senestra’s mother many years before. Justice Squad put aside their differences with Mogul and helped protect the child. After Hogarth was turned away, Mogul declared his feud with Justice Squad to be over and placed Jason Donner in charge of the group once again. He also leveled with America on national TV, but managed to keep the office of president.

Luna and Cosmic Weasel were married on Kirbylee and spent their honeymoon in Sherwood Forest courtesy of the time-traveling Tempus.

Things took a turn for the worse when the vampires, lead by the evil Count Dracula, attacked Justice Squad and turned Sarah Vatar into one of them. As a vampire, she became the Squad’s most vicious enemy, preying primarily on Wolfman, her former lover. Drew Fangtastic, saddled with guilt over his inability to do anything to stop the attack on Sara, got a friend of his named Kate to turn him into a vampire again. The transformation, however, came with a price as Drew killed her before his soul was returned to him.

In the multi-writer arch called Justice Squad Unlimited, Justice Squad fought beside the likes of GI Joe, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Monk, Angel, Scooby Doo, and others.

Soon, the werewolf/vampire war began to wage in earnest and, with 80 percent of the werewolf population wiped out, Doogan once again turned to Wolfman and the Justice Squad. This time, Wolfman accepted Doogan’s offer and allied with him, wiping out the vampires, destroying Transylvania, and returning Sara’s soul to her. Although Sara was turned good again, the nature of the curse that was placed on her made a reunion with Wolfman impossible and the two went their separate ways. Doogan Kessler was killed in the final battle, dying a hero.

Meanwhile, other members of Justice Squad dealt with an attack from a parallel universe and discovered that Mogul, despite his claims that he had reformed, was raising an army of super solders based on the way Capeman received his powers. Justice Squad and many of its allies fought Mogul’s army, defeating them and exposing long-time Justice Squad member Sea Man as a traitor and the real person who shot Donner at the beginning of the season. Mogul escaped and, to try and weed out any corruption left in the government, Justice Squad placed themselves in charge of the United States. Sea Man was thrown out.

The episode ended with a young girl appearing out of nowhere claiming to be Ultragirl, a grown up version of Ultrababy, telling them that the universe was about to end.

Nightflyer Begins

In this story, a parody of the movie Batman Begins, Nightflyer’s origins are revealed, how he was trained by Chuck Norris, and how he first donned his costume to fight crime.

In the story, Nightflyer fights the evil Doctor Spookyman who hopes to spread a fear gas all over Nightflyer’s city of Gothic City.

Although a parody and comedy, Nightflyer Begins addressed many sensitive topics of racism and stereotyping.

Season Five


The fifth season of Justice Squad began with Justice Squad in charge of the government of the United States of America after wrestling it away from the criminal mastermind, Rich E. Mogul. Unsure of how much influence he still has over the government, they decide that they cannot give up control of it until new elections are held.

It is during this time that Justice Squad becomes extremely unpopular among the people of the USA thanks in part to a conservative talk show host named Pat Riot who paints them as unpatriotic conquerors who ousted a legitimately elected president.

The situation came to a head when Rich E. Mogul resurfaced and, with the help of Pat Riot, turned factions of the government and the public against Justice Squad. With Justice Squad in custody (mostly by choice) it was Jason Donner who put an end to Mogul, exposing him as a power-mad villain on national TV. Mogul was arrested and put in prison and Justice Squad stepped down after Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected president, but the trust they had with the people of America was seriously eroded.

It was also during this time that Ultragirl joined Justice Squad. A survivor of the Universe created by Blue Fairy at the beginning of Season 4, she journeyed to Earth Prime seeking help with a Crisis that threatened to destroy her world. Justice Squad arrived too late to stop it and Ultragirl’s universe was completely destroyed. Justice Squad took her in after that with Ultrawoman developing a very strong bond with her daughter from another dimension.

It wasn’t long until the dimension destroying force arrived at Earth Prime. Taking the form of a teenage girl named Chrissie, the entity battled Justice Squad resulting in the destruction of Justice Squad Manor and the deaths of Ultragirl, Azure/Blue Fairy, and Quasar. Chrissie, however, was dealt a serious blow when the major source of her power was stolen by Azure and hidden somewhere on Earth.

It was a different Squad since the death of Quasar and the destruction of the Manor. The team was forced out of the United States and onto their own private island, Ivy was fired after a trip to the future revealed to Donner that she was pregnant with Quasar’s child, and Capeman and Ultrawoman finally entered into a relationship.

Eventually, Chrissie recovered her power source and regains her full powers, leading to an epic battle in which Justice Squad bestows temporary superpowers upon the entire population of Earth. With all of humanity fighting together, Chrissie is trapped in a pocket universe where her own powers are turned against her, forcing her to destroy herself. Unfortunately, she takes Ultrawoman down with her.

As Justice Squad mourns, Ultrawoman's spirit arrives on another plane of existence where she meets The Controller, who (in a total decimation of the fourth wall) is revealed to be series writer Jason Donner, while The Watchers turn out to be the readers. After having a heartfelt conversation, The Controller decides to have a bit of mercy on his characters and brings Ultrawoman back to life.


The cast of Justice Squad appear in the Starseeker episodes, "Falling Starseeker," "The Wrong Foot," and "There and Back Again" where they mistake the crew of Starseeker as hostile invaders.

Justice Squad Members

Colossal Chunk
Sea Man
Bippo the Clown
Cosmic Weasel
Blue Wizard
Blue Fairy
Captain Spaz
Doctor Wham
Drew Fangtastic
The Texan
Black Puma
Purple Helmet
Flippo the Clown
Robo-Britney B-1000
Chevy Chase
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
A Lava Lamp

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