Kate (AKA "Bob") was a female vampire employed in The Uppda Creek Bar in Las Vegas.



Kate was a young, attractive girl turned into a vampire by James Rymer, the only vampire directly sired by Drew Fangtastic and as such retained her human soul like all of Drews progeny. However for reasons never made clear she felt she had to pretend to be a man to be accepted by the bar staff at The Uppda Creek Bar, making use of false moustaches and answering to "Bob" but never remembering to do anything about her breasts, no one was ever fooled but she appeared to believe she was succesfull in hiding her gender. She was also besotted with Drew, who did not return the same feelings.

While never a member of The Five she did on occasion help out on missions or provide support when needed. Kates age was never revealled, but she may very be an the Liamverse realities version of the late wife of Stantos, a woman also loved from afar by his cousin, Leraf, who never actually made his feelings clear. (In this case Kate must be a relatvely young vampire, sired within a few years or less of the Justice Squad serial, possibly around the time Rymer returned to Vegas which the also recently sired Anna.) Stantos in his own way, even seeing through her disguise to be a man, seemed to become besotted with her and woudl frequently try to shower her with gifts, and/or simply hump her leg. Leraf simply kept his distance and never seemed to socilise with her.

Following the death of Megan, Kate still using the "Bob" guise, followed Drew and after a heated discussion, removed the moustache and the two slept together. For Kate it seemed she finally had the man she loved, but Drew was simply using her out of grief.

When Drew was captured by DuVampyre he was replaced by a clone who continued the sexual nature of the relationship with Kate and also used her to have a threesome with Ivy. After the clone was killed and Drew restored to a normal human, Kate became bitter towards him, refusing to talk to him in some cases and at one point putting a gun to his head.

Kate was however Drew's first choice to call upon to return him to being a vampire, he appolgised to her for his treatment of her and reluctantly she turned him. However, through no fault of her own, Drew's soul did not return, the demon inside him was free and spent the rest of the night stalking both Kate and Ivy and eventually managing to stake Kate seconds before Drew's soul returned. Her last words were of forgiveness.

Current Status

Kate has so far not been resurected. It is unknown if Drew's ability to come back to life is a typical vampire trait, or just specific to him due to his possession of a metagene mutated further by his vampirism. To date only four vampires are known to have been resurected in the Laimverse, Drew, Dracula, Sobala and James Rymer, all escaping or being realised from hell. While only one Vampire has managed to get into heaven, Anna. It is unknown where Kate went.

Powers and Abilities.

As part of Drew's progeny she retained her human soul, but as Kate was a young vampire, recently turned herself, she was therefore less powerfull then Drew. She was however an expert on levitation and passed this power onto Drew at more or less the same level she had attained. She did however seem to have greater tolerance of being in Holy places then Drew did.

Character references

Kate was the most direct refernce to Blackadder in Drew based stories. Based on the character(s) of the same name(s) and using the same basic setup; an attractive woman dressed up as boy to find works, falls in love with her employer and eventually starts a relationship with him.
The only differences are that the vampire Kate is a a brunette to the Blackadders Kate being blonde, and that Blackadder genuinely loved his Kate, while Drew simply made use of her following Megans tragic death.
However the outcomes of their depatures affect their respective lovers in different ways, Drew becomes even more focused on his cause, while Blackadder goes on to become even more self serving.
A last name was never established.

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