Kenneth Hiller

Kenneth Hiller (2520-??) is currently the captain of the Earth vessel Starseeker.

Early Life

Kenneth Hiller was born on December 23rd, 2520 in Orlando, Florida on the North American Continent on Earth to Marlene and Stephen Hiller.

Hiller had a younger brother named Oscar Hiller, but he was tragically killed in a fall when he was five while eight year-old Kenneth was supposed to have been watching him. This event continues to haunt Hiller as he has never forgiven himself for it.

While attending Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida, Hiller was a well-known basketball player and was offered several scholarships to major universities, but was forced to give them all up when he got his girlfriend at the time, Darla Gene, pregnant during his senior year in 2538. Hiller and Darla married and had a daughter, Marla Hiller, but the relationship lasted less than one year before Darla filed for divorce.

His university prospects dried up, Hiller entered the Space Force Academy where he spent the next four years as an unremarkable student who was actually put on academic probation three times.

Space Force Life

Upon graduation in 2542, Hiller was assigned to patrol duty in the Sol System on board a small three-man Blackbird patroller. Hiller served as an ensign for the traditional four years before is was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2546 and was given command of a Blackbird patroller. In 2548, Hiller and his Blackbird crew uncovered a N'Sai ship hiding out in the rings of Saturn intercepting Space Force transmissions. The N'Sai ship outmatched the Blackbird in both engine power, maneuverability, and weapons power, but an ensign under Hiller's command, Debora Hernandez, launched herself into space in an escape pod as a decoy as Hiller and his Blackbird escaped to warn of the intruding ship. Once the blackbird was picked up by a Space Force Border Runner, Hiller led an assault team onto the N'Sai ship and rescued Ensign Hernandez.

For bravery and outstanding performance, Hiller and his crew were given commendations and an advance in rank. Lieutenant Hiller and Lieutenant Junior Grade Hernandez were married in 2549 and had two children, Sianna Hiller and Carlos Hiller. Hernandez opted to leave Space Force and settle on Earth. The distance between the two proved to be a great strain on their relationship and, when Hiller discovered that Hernandez had an affair while he was serving in the system, they divorced in 2553.

Hiller was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2569 and granted command of an entire Blackbird wing.

Hiller had gained a level of fame thanks to his discovery of the Saturn spy ship and escape and caught the notice of Captain Raven Briar of the Space Force vessel Nikolayev who requested him as a first officer in 2570. Hiller politely refused the invitation, but became good friends with the captain. In 2575, Captain Briar was given command of a top of the line starship called Washington and once again called on Hiller to become her first officer. When she sweetened the deal by offering Hiller the rank of Commander, he accepted the opportunity to serve with his friend.

In 2571, Hiller and Captain Briar began an intimate relationship with each other and discreetly married in 2572. Although Space Force expressed displeasure with the idea of a captain and first officer being married to one another, Briar and Hiller managed to keep their relationship off the bridge and performed professionally according to testimony from their own bridge crew and Space Force observers. Hiller and Captain Briar had twins, a girl, Ebony Hiller, and a girl named Walter Hiller in 2573. Briar became pregnant again and had a boy named Steve Hiller in 2575.

The Catian War

Hiller and Briar were still serving together on the Washington in 2581 when the ship answered a distress call from Richaud in the Alpha Centauri system and found the settlement under attack by Catian forces. With the assistance of starships Ghandi, and Aurora, Washington fought them to a standstill. In the battle, Captain Briar was severely injured and Hiller was forced to take command. Tragically, Captain Briar died of her injuries with Commander Hiller at her side.

Both the Earth fleet and Catian fleet had moved to safe distances. On Christmas Day, the Magna Carta from the Diplomatic Corps arrived to try and defuse the situation, but exploded killing everyone on board. When the Washington detected traces of an alien explosive in the debris, Hiller leveled charges of terrorism against the Catian ambassador who maintained his innocence. The Catain comander, on orders from Catian empress Cartasia, demanded that Space Force vacate the system. A formal declaration of war was issued that day by Earth.

During an official review by the Diplomatic Corps, it was determined that Hiller acted inappropriately following the death of Captain Briar and the destruction of the Magna Carta. The review stated that Hiller should have never accused the Catian ambassador of wrongdoing and that his actions might have precipitated the war. They recommended that Hiller be removed as the commander of the Washington.

Space Force did not take this recommendation into advisement, but upon learning of it Commander Hiller resigned as commander. Sending his children to Earth to live with their grandparents, he requested duty on the front lines and spent the next year fighting on the surface of Richaud to repel the Catian invaders. Once Richaud was liberated, he was transferred to surface forces on other contested worlds.

Hiller became one of the major commanders of the war earning a promotion to Captain in 2584 and leading many ground attacks and offensives on outlying worlds. In 2598, Hiller and his company were instrumental in the Battle of Malestaire which was to be the decisive and final battle of the war. This final tour was marked with controversy as Hiller and his company shot down a shuttlebus transporting Catian children killing all aboard. Although the Catian government was illegally using the shuttlebuses to transport weaponry, Hiller was subjected to crushing criticism from both sides for his actions.

Once the Catain government unconditionally surrendered largely due to reaction to the shuttlebus incident, anger towards Hiller cooled as it appeared that, by ending the war, he saved more lives than it was believed. Catians, however, began to call him "The Catian Kid Killer."

After the War

After the war, Captain Hiller was placed in command of the starship Venture in the year 2598. During this time, he was responsible for overseeing the evacuation of Catian forces from Space Force holdings. In 2601, Hiller met Ambassador Jaan Brin while on liberty on Earth. The two became good friends and often worked together. Brin frequently credited Hiller with critically assisting in negotiations with the Celimondians, the Arbok, and the Xrax.

Running for President

In 2604, Captain Hiller became more interested in politics as Earth government began to grow more insular and xenophobic. Rather than simply endorsing candidates, Hiller was contacted by the Searchlight Party, a party who supported continued exploration and growth, and asked to run for Earth President. Hiller retired and entered the race, his poll numbers rather high. Another candidate, Helen Tate, who polled second to Hiller, began exploiting information about his questionable deeds during the war and the destruction of the shuttlebus. Tate and an organization called Malestair Troops for Truth, aired ads suggesting that Hiller's contributions to the war were motivated by his need for revenge over the death of his third wife, Captain Briar. The organization, though criticized by experts for their manipulation of facts and data, chipped away at Hiller's record and personality and, when one of his own children, Marla Hiller, granted an interview in which she severely criticized her father and his political views, it was all over. It was Marla's recollections of what she called her, "absentee father" that destroyed his reputation with voters.

Hiller lost the election and Tate was voted in as Earth President.


Rather than returning to Space Force, Hiller found himself cynically turning his back on his old career and turning instead to mending fences with his children and ex-wives. Although many of them reconciled during this time, Marla Hiller and Darla Gene remained cold to him.

Hiller wrote an autobiography in 2807 called "Stars My Destination" which alluded to his desire to return to service.


Admiral Samatha Lane extended an offer to Captain Hiller in 2808 following the publication of his autobiography to command Starseeker, the newest and most technologically sophisticated ship in the fleet. Hiller quickly insisted that his friend, Jaan Brin, be appointed as Starseeker's cheif diplomat.

Captain Hiller remains in command of Starseeker to this day.

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