Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley was a character on The Liam Smith Show and made one appearance on Justice Squad.

Fictional Character Biography

The Liam Smith Show

Kevin, an Asian American, was originally introduced as the owner and proprietor of Montezuma's Revenge, a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. When The Great Earthquake of 2000 struck, the establishment collapsed pinning him under the wreckage for several weeks. No one noticed.

Kevin then resorted to selling Mary Kay cosmetics to make a living and, even though it embarrassed him, he was quite good at it.

Kevin was eventually revealed to be a spy for China when he stole a prototype B.I.T.C.H. Helicopter from Donner who was developing them for the army. As he flew off in the chopper, it was the last time he would be seen in the series.

Justice Squad

Kevin would appear in a single episode of Justice Squad where Donner went undercover to bring the spy to justice. Kevin is currently serving a sentence at Guantanamo Bay.

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