Liam Smith

The central character of The Liam Smith Show, Liam Smith was a resident of Las Vegas who lived in Upda Creek Apartments.

Character History

Liam Smith is named after Liam D. Smith, a writer from Australia who wrote a story called Jay and Jason in which he cast Jason Donner and Jayelle Carrey, two writers from the SLFIC mailing list into characters in a sit-com. In retaliation, Jason Donner wrote the first episode of The Liam Smith Show.

Despite sharing a name, Liam Smith and Liam D. Smith have very little in common.

Fictional Biography

Liam Smith was born in 1977 to Drake Daniels and Holly Starr. Almost immediately after birth, baby Liam became the target of several assassination attempts by Satan and his dark forces. To protect his son, Daniels and a alternate Future version of Liam, sacrificed themselves to fake the baby's death.

Holly left Liam at the Granny Goodness Orphanage where he would remain until his 18th birthday, safe from those who wanted to harm him.

After becoming emancipated, Liam came to Las Vegas where he rented an apartment and got a job at Circus, Circus casino and hotel. There, he caught the eye of his boss, Senestra Malevolous: Mistress of Evil who decided to kill her employee but never succeeded due to his almost divine luck that seemed to protect him.

Liam also drew the attention of several of Hell's agents including a former pet of his named Fluffy the Hamster who was serving as Satan's right hand rodent. Fluffy was defeated and, without knowing it, Satan made an enemy of the very person he was trying to kill as a baby.

Liam became engaged to his girlfriend, Stacy VaVoom, and was about to marry her when the wedding was interrupted by Holly Starr who, not knowing that Liam was her baby all grown up, said that she couldn't miss the wedding of her daughter - Stacy. With that, Liam and Stacy realized that they were half-siblings.

Desperate to learn about his father, Liam Smith traveled back in time to 1977 where he accidentally caused his own death as an infant. He continued to exist and lived until 2001 where he assisted his friends in setting the timeline right and preventing his younger self from altering the past by sacrificing his own life leaving his younger self free to return to the future where he remained ignorant of both his father's fate and his older self.

Satan, however, had discovered Liam's real identity but was unable to harm him thanks to Liam's divine luck. Satan, however, would not be dissuaded from destroying Liam and did it by kidnapping his new girlfirend, Kari Wuhrer, and setting a trap for Liam, a bomb which destroyed him and Upda Creek Apartments on the eve of the Worldkiller invasion.

After a short stay in Heaven, Liam returned to Earth and helped destroy Worldkiller but at a price that was paid when Liam journeyed to Hell to save Kari from Satan. Liam was successful and evolved into a divine lifeform that left Earth forever on a mission that humans could not understand.

It is unclear where he went or what he is doing, but Stacy VaVoom never saw him again in her lifetime.

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