Lucifer (2594?-??) is the alias of a notorious data pirate and wanted criminal.

Criminal Genius

Lucifer first gained the interest of Space Force when he hacked into Earth's central computer network and disengaged the planetary defense network for .45 seconds. It was later discovered that was a decoy to gain access to the access codes to several hypernet booster arrays on the outskirts of the Sol System which he allegedly sold on the black market for several billion quid.

Following this crime, Lucifer moved out of Earth's sphere of influence to escape capture and prosecution. He used his new found fortune to buy a top of the line personal starship and communications array to send out data bombs full of spyware and adware to unsuspecting passing ships. It is believed that he is paid handsomly for his services by any number of non-reputable clients.

Encounter with Starseeker

Until the year 2608, very little was known about Lucifer until a data bomb was accidentally uploaded into Starseeker's main computer infesting the ship with millions of artificially intelligent adware programs.

Starseeker hunted down Lucifer to the Vega System and discovered that he was merely a boy of around fourteen years old. When cornered, Lucifer uploaded a computer virus data package that crippled the ship long enough for him to make a getaway.

Unintentionally, Lucifer aided in the creation of a fully sentient artificial lifeform when Starseeker's computer took the viruses and adware programs and transformed them into a personality matrix for Starseerker's nonfunctional A.I.. The A.I. behaved erratically and tried to destroy Lucifer and his ship before being talked out of it by Starseeker personnel.

Lucifer was free to go on his way.

The Aftermath

Lucifer bragged about surviving the encounter with Starseeker on his hypernet channel and has made it the cornerstone draw of his Pirate Galaxy hypersite making him more popular than ever.

Despite finally obtaining a visual record of Lucifer's appearance, Space Force has been unable to identify the boy. It is suspected that on his first breakin to Earth's computer network, Lucifer expunged all records of his life from the database.

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