Luna is the common name of Earth's moon.


Luna was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the planet Thea, a Mars-sized planet, impacted Earth. The resulting explosion destroyed Earth's biosphere including any animal and plant species and causing evolution to literally start all over again. Ejecta from the Earth's mantle coalesced in orbit and cooled over time to become the moon.


The moon was first visited by Humans in 1969 during NASA's Apollo program. At the completion of the program, the moon remained undisturbed until 2001 when a group of superhumans named Justice Squad used Luna for their base of operations until 2005. It was during 2001 that the remains of a crashed alien spaceship was discovered under the Lunar surface. It was from this wreck that humanity was given the scientific breakthrough to invent the teleporter.


Luna was initially colonized in 2020, but budgetary cutbacks led to delays and the station was shut down after 2025. Humans would not take up permanent residence on the moon until 2059.

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