Marla Hiller

Marla Hiller (2339-??) is the daughter of Kenneth Hiller.

Marla was born in 2339 to Darla Gene and Kenneth Hiller. Her parents divorced later that year and her mother, bitter and angry with Hiller, went out of her way to keep her daughter away from her father moving to Tycho City on Luna, Europe, and finally to Viking City on Mars to get away from him. Darla blocked all of Hiller's calls to his daughter and intercepted and correspondence from him. Marla grew up believing that she had an absentee father.

Marla graduated from Ray Bradbury High School in 2357 and went on to Mars University where she majored in computer programming and robotics history. In 2360, she was married to Robert Oldman and gave birth to a son, Robert Oldman II, in 2365 and a girl, Marleen Oldman in 2369.

Following the outbreak of the Catian War in 2381, Marla began working with the Space Force to develop the newest generation computer programs to locate and destroy enemy bases with unmanned drones. The initial tests were promising, but when the drones developed sentience and became self-aware, the project was scrapped and the drones were disassembled.

In 2389, Marla became a grandmother when her daughter, Marleen, gave birth to a baby girl, Traci Douglas. Her son, Robert, gave her another grandchild in 2391 — Wayne Oldman.

Marla entered the private sector in 2395, developing computer software that prevented the rise of computer sentience which she brokered into a successful business, Oldman Computing.

In 2604, when Kenneth Hiller, her father, ran for president she appeared on several talk shows with stories of her absentee father. It is believed that her interviews are what led to Hiller's defeat to president Helen Tate.

After loosing the election, Hiller attempted to reconcile with his daughter, but she refused to see him saying that she had been without a dad for over sixty years, why would she want one now?

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