Maximilian Arturo

Professor Maximilian Arturo (sometimes called simply "The Professor") is a character from the television series Sliders. He joined The Liam Smith Show in the second season as the superintendent of Upda Creek Apartments.

Fictional Character Biography


Maximillian P. Arturo was born in England during the early 1940s. (His driver's license, shown in Sliders' "Summer of Love," indicates that his birthdate is September 23.) When he was a young child, his aunt's house was bombed while he and his mother were staying there. Both Arturo's mother and aunt were killed. His only memories of this incident were his mother's dead body being pulled off him. Since his father was fighting a war in India at the time, there was no way for Arturo to be identified, so he was put in an orphanage. After the war ended Arturo's father came to get him.

Arturo served in his country's armed forces as a young adult. After completing his service, Arturo emigrated to the United States, where he pursued graduate studies in physics, and met fellow student Christina Fox, whom he later married. Christina died of a brain aneurysm when she was 27. Arturo had a son; however, it is not revealed in the show whether or not Christina Fox was the mother. At the beginning of "Sliders," Arturo was Regents professor of cosmology and ontology at the fictional California University.

As a traveling companion, Arturo was arrogant, hot-tempered, and pompous, often referring to people who failed to meet his expectations as "blistering idiots." But he was not without a soft spot, particularly toward individuals he perceived as kindred intellects. Having been estranged from his son before he began sliding, Arturo had expressed that he wished Quinn were his son. Arturo was somewhat resentful of Quinn, jealous of Quinn's greater intelligence, as well as the fact that Quinn (and not Arturo) invented sliding.

In 1996, when the Sliders mistakenly believed they had landed home, Arturo's double attempted to impersonate him. Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt never knew whether they took the right Arturo sliding with them or not. Later that year, Arturo was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and attempted to stop sliding. He continued to slide because Quinn needed him, and Quinn was more fearful of his friend and mentor's death than Arturo himself was.

In mid-1997, while on an alternate Earth that was to be destroyed by a pulsar, Arturo was shot by ruthless Marine Colonel Angus Rickman. Rickman initially tried to shoot Quinn, but Arturo took the bullet for him.

The Liam Smith Show

It was revealed in The Liam Smith Show episode, "Slide of the Century" that Arturo did not die but was actually picked up by the Kromaggs after his "death" and held captive for months as he was studied and probed. He escaped and created a homemade timer that deposited him in The Liamverse where he was arrested for trespassing.

In jail, he met Liam Smith, Thad Coffey, and Bippo the Clown who, with the help of Harry the Handyman, constructed a new timer that allowed Arturo to catch up with the Sliders only to find out that his beloved group had been replaced with people he didn't know. Disgusted with the new Sliders, Arturo returned to The Liamverse with Liam, Thad, and Bippo.

Once there, Arturo struggled for a place for himself on this new world. For a time, he allied himself with Senestra Malevolous to help her take over the world, but their methods were incompatible even though Arturo's scheme netted him over a million dollars of Microsoft stock which he used to purchase Upda Creek Apartments from Kathy Hilter and became the new building superintendent.

Arturo was often at odds with his new friends, particularly his roommate, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but he grew to love his friends and soon became a trusted father figure to them - even giving away Stacy VaVoom during her and Liam's wedding.

This was not to last, however, as Arturo began to miss the adventure of sliding and decided to return to it. Arturo built a new timer and, during the celebration after the defeat of Worldkiller, he quietly ducked out of the party and jumped into a wormhole leaving his new life behind.

Justice Squad

Arturo was next seen when Sea Man got lost in the multiverse. Arturo, being the expert on interdimensional travel, had become the head of Hubworld, a parallel earth monitoring station and helped send Sea Man home.

Later, when the evil interdimensional force known as Chrissie escaped from Earth One, Hubworld was destroyed and Arturo evidently perished along with everyone else on the station. However, the professor survived and made it back to the Liamverse where he warned Justice Squad of Chrissie's approach. He also assisted in defeated her.

Arturo is apparently once again living in The Liamverse.

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