Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha, built in the 33rd century, will be the most advanced library in human history.


++ Construction

Following several catastrophic events in the 27th century including The Great Purge, The Nuperi War, and The Ja'Haranan War, worlds that had joined the fledgling Great Alliance, spent more time into the preservation of their cultures and history. The Alliance Senate moved to approve funds for the construction of off world repositories for entire world's history and, in 2699, Earth became the fifth world to begin construction on their cultural library.

Knowing that the library would have to serve not only as a repository, but also as a time capsule, it was decided that the world of Mercury would be used to house the great library. The world was hollowed out starting in 2720 and continuing until 2793. Mercury was left with an iron crust approximately three kilometers thick which was then crisscrossed with tunnels, great hallways, and hard-copy archives.

In the center of the planet, a silicon-based crystalline structure, similar to those discovered on Veradaine, was installed and began to grow. It was a slow process, but the crystal eventually replaced the entire core of Mercury by 3280.

The Grand Opening

It took nearly 500 years to complete the techno-forming of Mercury into memory alpha. By this time, the 75 percent of the entire surface was covered in a singular city which was dubbed "Memory Alpha." At the opening ceremony, a single book was picked at random by the Alliance President to be the first one submitted to the library stacks. It turned out to be the book "Everyone Poops" by Taro Gomi.

At the ceremony, the artificially intelligent computer matrix known as Teacher was activated and began uploading the whole of human knowledge, art, and literature into the library.

Justice Squad

In the 853rd century, one of the many heroes to refer to themselves as Cosmic Weasel served a tenure as head of the Mercurian Library in the city of Memory Alpha. In 85,271, the library was attacked by minions of the Minute Man who were trying to manipulate history and defeat the Galactic Justice Squad of that era and the Justice Squad of 2003. Cosmic Weasel was assisted by the Cosmic Weasel of 2003 and put the threat down, saving the library with the exception of the collected works of Rush Limbaugh and Jackie Collins.

The Death of the Sol System

Around 1,000,000 AD, Sol's luminosity had increase and had begun cooking the inner solar system, including the Earth. As the population evacuated to a distant star system and Second Earth, Memory Alpha was fitted with massive engines and moved into the orbit of Jupiter where it remained for another 4 billion years. Unfortunately, during this time, most of the human population completely evacuated the system as the sun expanded into a red giant and Memory Alpha was left attended only by a skeleton crew. The resources to move the station were not there and so, it was completely evacuated as the sun went nova and was presumed destroyed.

Memory Alpha was not destroyed, but rather hurtled into open space by the explosion thanks to its kilometers think crust and the protection provided by Jupiter. The city on the surfaced, however, was largely decimated but the hard copy stacks kept under the surface completely survived.


Memory Alpha drifted for many years after the Sol System was destroyed. Teacher did routine maintenance to all systems on board, but one interactive artificially intelligent program (The Collected Starseeker History) ran uninterrupted for over 100,000 years and began to degrade to the point that the entire history of the ship and her crew were about to be lost. It is more and ironic that the real Starseeker, lost in time and space, appeared near Memory Alpha and helped restore their own future historical records. After this encounter, Teacher put the entire station in hibernation preventing any more programming errors until the station could be found again.

Second Earth

Memory Alpha was rediscovered by humans around the year 5,001,000,000 as it passed in the vicinity of Second Earth. It was repaired and humans learned of their proud lost history once again.

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