Micheal Vera Cruz

Michael Vera Cruz (2586-??) is the head science officer on board the Starseeker.

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Early Life

Born in Havana, Cuba, Micheal Vera Cruz exhibited prodigy behavior before he was two years old. He entered elementary at the customary age of five, but began to sail through grade levels. At the age of 7, Vera Cruz released a musical album which went platinum. By the age of 13, Vera Cruz finished primary school in Havana, the science academy by 16, and officer training by 20.


In 2606, Vera Cruz was involved in an accident when his parent's home in Havana burned down and his heart and right lung had to be replaced.

After this event, his record was sealed by an upper level Space Force officer to cover up the fact that Vera Cruz had been suffering from apparent schizophrenia.

After a year of rehabilitation and stay on Earth developing the next generation of A.I. computer, Vera Cruz was assigned as science officer on board the Starseeker.

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