Montoya Ward

Montoya Ward (2568-??) is a human commander in Earth's Space Force and the first office of the starship Starseeker.

Early Life

Montoya Ward was born to Antwon Ward and Najya Ward on November 2, 2568 in the Ethiopia region of the African Continent on Earth. She was an only child. With Antwon Ward a member of Space Force, Montoya was raised primarily by Najya in a strict Muslim household. By Montoya's seventh birthday, it was more than obvious that Antwon and Najya's marriage was falling apart. Najya, who was extremely religious, found herself more and more at odds with her non-theistic husband and they soon began using thier daughter as a pawn against each other. Against her father's wishes, Montoya was enrolled in a Muslim school in 2575.

In 2577, Antwon and Najya divorced citing irreconcilable differences and the rift between them only grew larger as Najya continued to turn her daughter against her father. Antwon sued for partial custody and won, using his new-found clout to have Montoya transferred to a standard educational program. This would be the last time that Najya and Antwon spoke to each other, but Montoya would continue to see her father when he was granted liberty on Earth.

Despite the transfer to a traditional education system, Najya continued to raise Montoya in a strict Muslim fashion.

The visits with her father dropped off sharply following the outbreak of The Catian War in 2582 when Ward entered high school. Ward joined most of the Earth youth that year in becoming extremely patriotic to Earth following the attack on Alpha Centauri and expressed interest in joining Space Force to become an officer like her father. Her mother would not hear of it and accused her father of being cowardly for not staying to take care of his daughter. Ward became very embittered towards her mother.

During her Sophomore year in high school (2584), Ward exhibited rebellious and dangerous behavior, frequently drinking and staying out late with a local gang against her mothers strict orders. Ward was involved in a hover car accident that killed two people. The driver of the car had been drinking.

Ward, severely injured, had to have her entire spinal column replaced to regain mobility below the neck. During her recovery in the hospital, her father visited often as his ship was assigned to the Sol System at the time and he helped her stay on top of her studies. While Montoya flourished in her educational career following her near fatal accident, she became extremely interested in outer space studies and the life cycle of the universe.

Ward graduated high school in 2586 as forth in her class.

The Academy

Although her mother had arranged for Ward to enroll in a Muslim university, Ward immediately signed up for Space Force Academy the night of her graduation. She enrolled in July of 2586 and, like many students at the time, was fast-tracked through the academy due to the war and was given a field promotion to Ensign in 2588.


Ward was assigned to the Discovery, a deep space vessel paroling the outer rim for Catian shipyards and bases in 2588. It was during this time that she was infected by a highly advanced parasitic life form called Microspiders that colonized her brain and were not discovered until 2608.

In 2592, Discovery hit a mine in the outer edges of the Sol System's Oort Cloud and sustained catastrophic damage — all but Ward and four others were killed and was adrift for several days before being rescued by her father, Captain Antwon Ward, and his ship, the Sutherland. It took Ward an entire year of physical rehabilitation before she rejoined Space Force in 2593. Captain Ward took a leave of absence during this time to oversee her recovery.

In 2593, Ward was promoted to Junior Grade Lieutenant and was given a position on board the Roosevelt but was quickly reassigned by the captain of that ship to work security on Luna following a mental breakdown during a ship wide power outage.

While on Luna, Ward began to see a psychotherapist who diagnosed her with extreme phobias as a result of the attack on Discovery. The therapist recommended that she take a leave of abscess from the fleet, but she refused and pressed on, deciding to conquer her fears rather than be crippled by them.

In 2595, following a promotion to full lieutenant, her father offered her a position on board the Sutherland which she politely refused.

Yang Liwei

Instead of serving with her father, Ward took a position on board a blockade runner called Yang Liwei whose primary mission was guarding against Catian incursions into the Sol System. For Ward, it was a therapeutic assignment where she served as second officer until the end of the war and into 2605 when the ship was decommissioned.


In 2605 Ward, now a Lieutenant Commander, was assigned to the Triumphant, an interstellar ship that ran supplies and personnel back and forth between Earth and Alpha Centauri. Triumphant was frequently escorted by Sutherland which allowed Ward plenty of time to reconnect with her father. This lasted until 2607 when Sutherland was reassigned to the Nuperi border. Ward was named second officer of the ship in 2608.


When her father's ship, Sutherland, went missing in 2608, Ward fought to get assigned to the mission investigating the disappearance but was denied by the Space Force administration. Going over their heads, Ward took a leave of absence and requested reassignment to Starseeker, the ship going on the mission, from the ship's commander, Kennth Hiller. Hiller agreed and, following the conclusion of the mission and the resignation of Starseeker's first officer, Jeffery Travis, Ward was asked to stay aboard as first officer and accepted a promotion to Commander.

Personal Information

Although raised a Muslim, Montoya Ward is now described as a scientifically-minded Atheist, much like her father who she became extremely close to. This has caused a rift between Ward and her mother.

Due to the attack on the Discovery in 2592, Ward has developed a number of phobias including Claustrophobia, dystychiphobia, taphephobia, cryophobia, and nyctophobia. She has refused medications to combat these phobias, preferring to face her fears every day.

Ward is described in her psychological profile as distant and hard to relate to; Even awkward in social situations and yet her dry sense of humor can win her some reluctant friends.

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