Mrs Welles

Mrs. Welles (??-2609) is a female time traveler from the Temporal Conservation Corps. She is most likely human.

Early Life

Extremely little is known about Mrs. Welles' early life, but it is known that she was rescued from an ocean liner in the early 20th century to become part of the Temporal Conservation Corps. This ship could be anything from Titanic to the Lusitania.


Welles first appeared on Starseeker in 2609 in response to a Ja'harahan agent infiltrating the timelline and changing history. With the help of her apprentice, Tempus, she convinced Captain Hiller to take Starseeker into the event horizon of a black hole where time travel would be useless and the agent could be trapped. Unfortunately, damage to Starseeker forced Welles to sacrifice her life to save the ship.

The Future

Although, temporally, the black hole incident was the first time that Starseeker encountered Mrs. Welles, she was adamant it was not the first time that she had worked with them. She let it slip that she "loved" someone on board and that she "owed him."

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