The N'Sai are amphibious humanoids native to the planet Sai.

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The N'Sai are bipedal humanoids with slick smooth skin coated in a thin layer of mucus. The sides of their face and necks are frilled with a thin layer of skin supported by several boney protrusions that boost their sense of hearing when they are held erect. The face is dominated by large aqua-colored eyes.

The N'Sai, being completely carnivorous, have three rows of teeth, the inner most lining the inside of their throat which is used when they eat prey by swallowing it whole.


The N'Sai is an insular culture. They are distrustful of outsiders, mammals in particular, and do not allow aliens to sit foot on their world which is blanketed in thick clouds, constant rain, and swamp lands.

The N'Sai have been hostile and aggressive throughout most of their history, but will take allies and protectorates when it suits their needs.

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