Nomits are a rodent species native to the first planet of the Bernard System.



The Nomit are small, only reaching half a meter in height, and have been said to resemble the Meerkats of Earth. Despite their small size, the Nomit are well known thinkers and scientists.


Nomit society exists as large family groups that cover the entire planet. As Nom is a hot world, the Nomit live underground in hand-dug caves to protect themselves from the red giant that they orbit around. Nom does not rotate as it has been tidally locked by the system's central star so that one side always faces the sun. The Nomit live on the light side of the planet where the high temperatures keep the predators to the night side of the planet.

Governments don’t exist on Nom, only the families which function in much the same way that countries do. Thankfully, the families get along rather well and have helped unite the entire planet towards the eventual exodus from their dying world.


Bernard’s Star is a star in the last stages of its life and, as such, the planet of Nom has had a rather large history.

It is known that the Nomit are not the only sentient life that ever existed on the planet as evidence of a major civilization can be found over the entire planet. The Nomit appeared on the order of 500,000 years ago, but only evolved to an intelligent level in the last 10,000 years. It is thought that since the Nomit experience such a short lifespan (lasting only ten years) that more generations and generational steps have occurred in such a short time.

The Nomit were the first race encountered by Humans in 2312. It was the first alien contact for either world even though the humans were not entirely aware that the Nomit were intelligent until one of them managed to repeat English to one of the visiting astronauts.

The Humans and Nomit came to work together as the Humans studied Bernard’s Star and came to the realization that the sun only had a few thousand years left before it goes nova. The Nomit have been working on a space program ever since with human help.

Earth and Nom continue to experience strong and healthy relations with each other and a Nomit was one of the first to be offered a place in the Officer Exchange Program.


Humanoids often underestimate the Nomit because of their miniature size, but they are actually very skilled warriors in a pinch. Otherwise, they are peaceful and rather pleasant to be around once you get used to the squeaky voices they have.

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