The Nuperi are a bipedal primate species native to the fourth planet of the Nuper System.


Nuperi are primates and, thus, possess the bipedal primate body that most of the sentient species of the galaxy do. What sets them apart are very slight forehead ridges that appears to be an evolutionary holdover from the primates they were descended from and very large earlobes that connect to the base of the chin.


The Nuperi occupy two worlds in their system: Nuper, where the vast majority of the population resides and Udar, the world of the Emperor, religious, and government officials. Udar is seen as a holy world where it is highly taboo for those who are not of noble blood to walk on the ground.

The Nuperi worship Fate as an entity and believe that events follow a plan that was decided many thousands of years ago by Fate itself. Over the years, this has warped into the species having a manifest destiny where the entire race believes that it is Nuperi destiny to control and rule the entire galaxy. They have enslaved many worlds including Ceth.

The Nuperi sees every race in the galaxy as inferiors due to this belief. They are simply slaves that they have not conquered yet. They also have no problem telling other races this inflammatory fact.

The Nuperi also see deceitfulness as a virtue to be respected and practiced as it is seen as a tool for personal advancement and fulfilling one’s fate.


The Nuperi achieved space flight in 1498 when an astronaut orbited their world three times. In 1802, the Nuperi reached Udar and colonized it as it was already a habitable world with many resources. Udar, with a growing population that reached approximately 150 thousand people declared independence from their homeworld. Nuper demanded that Udar surrender, but it was an empty threat as Udar was too far away and a war to regain the rouge colony would prove cost prohibitive.

The Nuperi and Udar rift grew wider and wider over the years. Nuper scientists were the first to develop inexpensive faster than light travel around 1960 and used the technology to commit several acts of war against Udar. Udar retaliated by arming their own world with surface to space missiles.

First contact with an alien species was made in 1974 and in 2000, the Nuperi were admitted into the Galactic Plutocracy where their representatives quickly moved into the hierarchy of the organization. It was one of these representatives that was involved in a plot to fake attacks against the Plutocracy to increase its power in The Milky Way in 2033. When exposed, the Plutocracy was dissolved and the Nuperi returned to their system to continue their petty battles with their breakaway neighbor.

In 2055, Nuper erupted in a planetwide civil war as elements of the government broke away in attempts to overthrow the established government. A massive nuclear attack was launched in 2056 which destroyed the planet’s infrastructure, cities, and space technology. Over two billion Nuperi were killed in the attack.

It was Udar that answered the humanitarian call and returned to Nuper to help the survivors and rebuild the population. With the reconstruction which took place between the 21st and 23rd centuries, the rift between the two worlds was forever sealed and the residents of Nuper began to see their brothers on Udar as saviors.

Udar was quick to take up this reverent new role and soon established itself as the center of Nuperi government and religion. A new emperor, Garshaan Olix, was selected in 2288 who decreed that the Nuperi would reenter a golden age of expansion with the relaunch of their space programs. The war had essentially set Nuper technology back a thousand years and left Udar as the technological giant in the system. During this time, Udar’s reputation and stature only grew until it became a part of the religion itself.

In 2499, Humans made first contact with The Nuperi Dynasty. A Nuperi Ambassador made the claim that Earth would one day be annexed into their empire. The humans objected to this candid remark and hostilities broke out between the people. Although there was never a declared war, skirmishes and hit and run attacks along the border of Earth space and Nuperi space became common leading to over a hundred years of hostilities between the two races.

By 2500, the Nuperi were once again a space empire annexing Ceth in 2582 along with a number of lesser advanced civilizations.

The Nuperi are now a major galactic superpower in The Milky Way.


The only people in the galaxy who trust a Nuperi are the ones who have never met one. The Nuperi are seen as dangerous in both ideals and practice and their aggressive territory grabs have neighbors casting a cautious eye to them.

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