Psi Scale

The Psi-Scale is a method of measuring the telepathic abilities of a race. The scale, partially written by Jaan Brin, assigns a rating of zero through eleven depending on mental capacities.

Psi-Scale Ratings

0 - No telepathic capabilities. Species that rank as a zero may have a disadvantage as far as mental capacities go, but because they can neither transmit nor receive mental messages, they cannot be read by other telepaths. The Cethy rank as a zero on the psi-scale.

1 - Broadcaster. Although one may not be able to hear the thoughts of others, they do transmit in a limited fashion and may be read by more powerful telepaths.

2 - Heightened Intuition and Limited Precognition. A person at this level cannot read thoughts, but have displayed a tendency to be somewhat aware of signs that cannot be psychically recorded. Humans call it "intuition." Humans rank as a two on the psi-scale.

3 - Empathic. At this level, one can get a clear gauge on the emotional state based on their thoughts. Empaths cannot read minds or transmit thoughts, they can only sense emotions.

4 - Limited Readers. At this level, telepaths can only read the minds of those they have been accustomed to reading… usually this means family members or, in some cases, their own species only.

5 - Readers. At this level, telepaths can read the thoughts of any lifeform.

6 - Transmitters. At this level, telepaths can broadcast their thoughts into the mind of another.

7 - Pushers. At this level, telepaths can plant suggestions into the minds of others, but results vary. Pushers cannot, for example, make someone kill for them, but they might be able to make them hungry by thinking about food. Pushers sometimes unconsciously cause others to feel their emotions.

8 - Manipulators. At this level, telepaths can use their mental abilities to actually manipulate others to do their bidding. Even in high level telepaths, a line of sight is required and intense concentration.

9 - Precogs. At this level, telepaths are able to predict the very near future.

10 - High Level Telepaths. At this level, telepath are able to form collective consciousnesses. Currently, The Unnamed Race is the only level ten telepaths in the known galaxy, but it is argued that a collection of Catian telepaths who lived in isolation on Catia were level tens before their sudden disappearance.

11 - Next Level Telepaths. The eleventh level was included in the psi-scale for races that had not yet been contacted or studied. Although it is debatable what makes a species a level eleven, it is generally accepted that it would at least require telekinetic abilities.

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