Revenge is Sweet

"Revenge is Sweet" is the first installment of The Liam Smith Show and first appeared on The Slightly Warped Website on September 12, 1999. A revised edition, nicknamed "Revenge is Sweeter" appeared on June 30, 2001 which corrected several glaring continuity errors that resulted from the episode's one-shot nature. The episode was written by Jason Donner.

Episode History

The Liam Smith Show was a response to a story written by Liam D. Smith called Jay and Jason in which real life Sliders fiction enthusiasts Jason Donner and Jayelle Carrey were depicted as lovers. Jason Donner shot back with the short story "Revenge is Sweet."

Although "Revenge is Sweet" was never meant to be the jumping point for an entire series, it ended up becoming just that when a petty and good-matured fiction war between Jay and Jason and The Liam Smith Show broke out with Jason Donner declaring that there would always be one more episode of The Liam Smith Show than Jay and Jason.


Liam Smith moves into his new apartment in the Upda Creek Apartment Complex having just been given a loan by Jason Donner to move to Las Vegas. Soon after arriving, Liam is kidnapped by a dark figure.

Liam awakens to find himself in the dwelling of Chocolate Treat who wishes to have sex with him whether he likes it or not.

Meanwhile, Donner and Mister Hilter discover that Liam is missing and track him down, fending off Chocolate Treat who had been posessed by three demons: Zorn the Unspeakable, Grak the Unmerciful, and Rhibinuikos the Unpronounceable. Once free of their prison of flesh, the three demons pluck a conqueror from the imagination of Donner which happens to be a hundred foot tall monster named Spicezilla.

Meeting up with Elvis outside, Donner calls Capeman who destroys Spicezilla and ends her reign of destruction.

Differences from the Original Version

The original version of "Revenge is Sweet" was intended to be a one-shot story that would have no followup. As a result, several continuity issues arose which proved to be an issue for the series until the rewrite was completed two years later. Among the major changes are:

  • Jay Carrey: Named after a Sliders fanfic writer Jayelle Carrey and the "Jay" of "Jay & Jason," Jay Carrey appeared in this one episode and then disappeared from the series. Jayelle Carrey asked that her real name be removed from "Jay & Jason" and because of this wish, her Liam Smith Show avatar was dropped from The Liam Smith Show as well. The rewrite deletes this character entirely.
  • Liam & Chocolate Treat: In the orginal version of the script, Liam Smith falls head over heals for Chocolate Treat when he first meets her and there is no kidnapping involved. Liam and Chocolate Treat even marry each other in Elvis' wedding Chapel. In the rewrite, Chocolate Treat kidnaps Liam and holds him hostage as a sex slave, explaining Liam's unease and fear of the character in later episodes.
  • Crunch & Larry: Two characters from "Jay & Jason" appear as wedding guests but were never seen again in the series. In the rewrite they (and the entire wedding scene) are deleted.
  • Siegfried & Roy: Although they became popular recurring characters in the serial, the magician's original scene in the first pilot are deleted from the second save for a non-speaking cameo. This re-con also erased their deaths in the original episode which was another continuity issue as the two continued to appear even though they had been stepped on by Spicezilla.
  • Capeman: In the original version, Capeman is summoned by singing a song, in the rewrite he is summoned by a simple phone call. The original pilot made it obviously clear who Capeman's secret identity was as well where the rewrite makes it more vague.
  • Was it All a Dream?: The orginal story had the entire episode only be a dream while the rewrite got rid of this plot devise as several events in Liam's "dream" were later referenced as real events in subsequent episodes.


  • Mister Hilter talks of his hatred for the television series Suddenly Susan, a television series that was also hated by the members of the SLFIC list where The Liam Smith Show was originally conceived.
  • The theme song for this episode is a send up of The Patty Duke Show theme.
  • Liam Smith graduated High School and came to Vegas after a year of technical school. This would place his age at 19 and his birthdate at 1980/1979, which is confirmed in "Nativity" when we learn that Liam was born in 1979.
  • None of the titles mentioned in the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown series are actually books in the series.
  • The incantation "Ping drobba fit-fit-fit ingilwarp carcinoma" is a nod to the play "All in the Timing" in which Jason Donner, the author of the episode, was starring in at the time. The line is read from a typewriter being manned by a monkey trying to write Shakespeare.
  • In the re-written version of the story, Don King becomes the first celebrity to die on the show, taking this honor from Siegfried and Roy.
  • The original version of the script credits Pia Zadora as "The Hopping Woman," a nod to the animated series, Freakazoid!
  • The original version contains a wedding scene that is ripped off of Spaceballs.

Episode Chronology

"Revenge is Sweet" is the first episode of The Liam Smith Show and is followed by "The Lady in Plaid."

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