The Rex are a bipedal reptilian species from the planet Xhal Tarxhal sssck Ssssshal Cartassssh Rexicaitarianiasssssh (translation: The Land, Sea, and Sky of the Blessed Rex People). The proper name for the Rex is Rexicaitarianiasssssh but was shortened to Rex when many off-worlders found it difficult to pronounce. The planet's name was shortened to Xhal Rex.


The Rex are an ancient species who have been keeping a recorded history for over one million years. A technologically slow-moving race, they achieved space flight for the first time around 2000 BC, sending up manned missions on the order of once every century or so. To an outsider, it would seem a very strange way to advance science, but the Rex have been known to lived well over one thousand years barring injury or disease. Due to this slow pace, only two Rex have ever been lost in space-born disasters.

Species Information

The Rex, despite their prehistoric appearance are a very open and emotionally sensitive race who love to learn and travel. Cold blooded by nature, they enjoy hot and dry environments and, with the permission of Earth, have opened several resorts in Death Valley, the Sahara Desert, and Gobi Deserts.

Technologically, the Rex are only slightly ahead of most of the major governments even though they developed space flight before many of the others perfected societies.

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