Sol System

The Sol System or "Solar System" is a planetary system of eight planets and numerous dwarf planets that orbit a yellow G-type star. It is located in Sector Zero.


++ Planetary Bodies

The Sol System hosts the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. Humans, the natives to this system, originate from Earth.



The primary indigenous species in the Sol System are Humans. Starting in the 21st century, they began to colonize their moon, Luna, and Mars. By the 27th century, they can be found on every rocky planet and on the moons of the gas giants.


Another indigenous life form in the Sol System are the energy-based Uranians who live in the turbulent atmosphere of Uranus.


Starting in late 2004, an alien race known as the Xrax colonized Saturn's moon, Titan, with the permission of 21st century Earth governments. in the 23rd century, the Xrax quietly left the Sol System to colonize a planet in the nearby system, Proxima Leonis where they have lived ever since.

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