The Spitfire is a space based fighter craft, named after the legendary aircraft of world War 2. It is much larger then it's name sake, resembling a flying wing type craft. Lieutenant Michael Vera Cruz was on the team that created and upgraded the Mark VI Spitfires fighters and he is currently working on a fully automated replacement which he expects could be ready in a year.

These one man craft act in multiple roles, for defense, escort duty, scouting missions and offensive strikes. These are fast and agile and heavily armed to the point of being considered more gunships then fighters by their pilots. Flying one is said to be even better then sex. However they are not capable of faster then light travel.

The cockpit gives a 180 degree view of the surroundings. They have many similar features to other combat vechiles, such as joysticks and foot peddles, combat sensors and alarms to warn of impending sudden danger or damage to the crafts systems. It has on board translation systems to aid in intercepting enemy transmissions.

Though fully space worthy they are not able to survive extreme cold such as absoloute zero, the materials they are made of will not provide any protection to their pilot in case of exposure to such temperatures.

On board Starseeker

Starseeker is assigned five of the Mark VI Spitfire space fighter craft and has five pilots in total. It is capable of operating at least ten of this kind of craft from the spitfire hangar and the additional pilots required to operate them. If pilots are unavailable other crew members with flight experience can be drafted to fly any unassigned craft. it is unknown what the maximum capacity for carrying spitfire craft on Starseeker is given the amount of hanger space it has for other types of spacecraft.

Spitfires in their hangar can be entered via a tube from the pilots bay, that leads directly to the assigned Spitfires cockpit. This does take a degree of skill and sometimes an entry into the cockpit can go wrong. They can also be entered and exited in a more traditional manner.

Despite the abilities of the fighter craft, since the founding of the spitfire brigade twenty years ago, only 17 pilots are known to have lived to retirement age. However no number has been given to the total number of pilots to have joined the brigade. It has been estimated that only 24 pilots would have retired if they hadn't been killed.

Behind the scenes and Misc

Despite being named "Spitfires" after the famous RAF aircraft, the craft design is based on the one-winged aircraft from Raiders of the Lost Ark, ironic as that was a fictious Nazis aircraft.

In real life the Spitfire name has been considered to be reused for new types of RAF jet fighters, but currently is not in use.

The Doctor Who episode "Victory of the Daleks" featured WW2 era Spitfires flying in space to fight a Dalek saucer.

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