Starseeker is the 3rd serial from The Slightly Warped Website that follows the adventures of the crew of an interstellar spaceship called the Starseeker


Starseeker is an episodic science fiction saga written in script form with individual installments running approximately 45-70 pages. Although the primary genre is science fiction, the serial also encompass drama, humor, and other genres.


The characters of Starseeker are individually flawed people with a variety of faults and vices.

Primary Characters

Captain Kenneth Hiller - Human
Commander Montoya Ward, First Officer - Human
Lt. Commander Unnamed, Second Officer, Tactical - The Unnamed Race
Lieutenant Alexander Cole, Master at Arms - Human
Lt. Commander Alina Branson, Chief Engineer - Human
Lieutenant Micheal Vera Cruz, Head of Sciences - Human
Lieutenant Hauvie Cordaine, Pilot - Catian
Doctor Annabelle Valentine, Chief Medic - Human
Ambassador Jaan Brin, Chief Diplomat - Cethy
Starsie - Artificial Computerized Life Form

Secondary Characters

Ensign Daralee Ris, Secondary Engineer - Catian
Nurse Jeremy Rickie - Human
Ensign Blue Green Yellow, Cartographer - Graciefish
Jaan Kerin, Manager of Officer's Club - Cethy
Ensign Harkonan Lott - Nuperi
Ensign Ssssmooa - Rex
Mark Sterling, Bartender - Human

Recurring Characters

Admiral Samantha Lane - Human
Marshall Ureean Yageer - Nuperi
Lucifer - Human
Jeffery Travis - Human
Tempus - Human
Mrs. Welles - Human

Deceased Characters

Lieutenant Jerome Pinkston, Pilot - Human

Episode Lists

Season One

Baptism By Fire
This Looks Like the Beginning
Fast Times
Creatures Great and Small
The Empty Sky
Cold Blood
Little Differences
Adventures in Advertising
Inner Child
Who's Your Daddy?
The Naked Truth
The Crypts of Haal
It Has Already Begun

Season Two

The Good Old Days
Toil of Ole
The Trojan Donner
The Lotus Eaters
Cattle of the Gods
Land of the Dead
Cave of the Cyclops
The Keeper of the Winds
Scylla & Charybdis
The Sirens
There and Back Again
While You Were Out

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