The Starseeker is a Thunderhead Model Starship and the setting of Starseeker, the internet serial.


++ Construction

Originally commissioned as the Thunderhead, construction on the ship began in 2595 during some of the bloodiest battles of the Catian War. The ship was constructed in the Mercury Shipyards under tight security. In 2597, the spaceframe was completed and primary weapons systems were installed. The ship was fitted with standard hyperspace engines while a team of engineers which included Alina Branson, came on board to perfect a recently created Quantum Jump Drive.

Although the ship itself was considered top secret, the classified "Mercury Project" drew many critics in the military for being a project where expense was too high and oversight was no where to be found. These criticisms were put to rest as the Catian War ended in 2598 and construction on Thunderhead came to a halt with the ship only 60 percent completed. The project was declassified under the Freedom of Information Act in 2600 and became a glaring example of military wastefulness.

Although there were calls to complete the ship, other matters soon took control of the military mindset and the ship would remain in her berth for almost nine years.


As calls for a permanent peace-keeping task force grew within the Earth government, the military began to refit the hulk of Thunderhead and complete construction on the ship. Since the construction of exploration and diplomatic vessels would prove cost prohibitive, redressing the incomplete warship was seen as the logical solution.

As part of the refit, many of the WMDs were removed from Thunderhead including the ship's massive ion cannon. This left a ten story hole in the center of Thunderhead's hull which was filled with an Air Garden and a Grand Staircase for offloading dignitaries and ambassadors from other worlds. The ship was also stripped of ten fighter bays and left with only two. The extra space freed up room for science labs, an expanded medical deck, a rest area called The Officer's Club, and larger crew cabins.

In a ceremony marking the tenth anniversary of the end of the Catian war in 2608, Thunderhead was rechristened Starseeker in an elaborate military ceremony chaired by Admiral Tiberious Flow and Admiral Samantha Lane. Although the ship was still not fully complete, it would soon leave dock under emergency conditions during the Gunboat Incident.

Ship Layout

Although divided into several color-coded areas, Starseeker can be divided into three sections.

The Sphere: Located at the front of the ship, the Sphere houses crew quarters, medical, science, the air garden, the grand staircase, and three of the five computer cores. The two fighter bays are located at the bottom of this section. The Sphere also houses the Command Deck in its center as it is the most protected part of the ship.

The Spine: The spine of Starseeker is almost completely dedicated to engineering systems and the ships engines — including the Quantum Jump Drive. Much of this section is uninhabitable, but can be accessed through a series of corridors and trams. At the rear of the Spine, one will find the Engine Compartment, a heavily shielded area that cannot be entered if the engines are engaged. The ship's black box is located in this area as it would likely survive in the event of complete structural failure.

Aside from Engineering, the Hangar Deck can be found at the top of this structure adjoining the Sphere. The Hangar houses all shuttles and personal transports for high-ranking officers. The Hangar Deck is a fully-operational spaceport.

The Nacelles: The Quantum Jump Drive necessitated that Starseeker be equipped with nacelles to house the Focusers, two pieces of equipment on each side of the ship that directs and contains the spacial rifts that transport the ship when she jumps. Rather than allowing the bulky nacelles to serve no more of a purpose, the nacelles are literally the ship's last line of defense in case of attack. The nacelles are made of an experimental alloy that will absorb and redirect the energy from impacts and particle weapons and can serve as armor protecting the ship's engineering systems in case of energy shield failure. The nacelles are also equipped with weapons platforms, sensor clusters, and the long and short-range antennae arrays.

Infinite Diversity

Starseeker has the distinct place in history as the first Earth ship to play host to the Officer Exchange Program in which officers from other planets on friendly terms with the Spaceforce can send dignitaries to serve on the ship. Although the ship's compliment is primarily Human with Homo Sapians making up over 80 percent of the crew, support positions on the ship are filled by a variety of non-terrestrials. In all, there are over fifty different species represented on the ship, the largest of the non-terrestrial groups being Catains who number at least fifty.

Known races on Starseeker are:



Starseeker is over one kilometer long and with the latest in laboratories, oxygen gardens (one of which offers the near perfect illusion of being outside). She is also boasts a span of 390 meters.

Starseeker left dock largely unfinished so much of its massive body is empty space at the moment.

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